Espen's tunes

(Espen Storo) #1

I’ll post all my stuff in this thread, in case anyone is interested.

Been a while since I posted anything. It’s synth pop time!

I usually don’t do vocal tracks, but what the hell. :slight_smile:

All bass and the vast majority of synths are Rack, even used Clouds on vocals and drums, which is fun. Lots of different patches multi-tracked in Cubase the traditional way.

No fancy video or anything, OBS hates ASIO, and it’s just too much to figure out.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #2

Missed ‘ya

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(Espen Storo) #3

But wait, there’s more…
Intended to do something completely different, but hey, one thing leads to another. :slight_smile:

(Adi Quinn) #4

thoroughly shredded!

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(Jim Frye) #5

That was truly incredible.

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(Richie Hindle) #6

Superb! Fantastic combination of Rack and live performance.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #7

Yngwie! :smile:


Awesome keyboard skills, nice one.

(Espen Storo) #9

What I grew up with. :smiley:
Then I became a synth nerd.

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(Lars Bjerregaard) #10

Were (are?) you a guitarist too?

(Espen Storo) #11

I play rough heavy guitar riffs, that’s about it. Much more comfortable on bass. I’ll leave the widdly playing to other musicians and stick with the keys.

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(Espen Storo) #12

I must remember to visit the forums more often. While I catch up, there’s some more experiments and music I did while testing the Vampyr filter from Lindenberg Research. A bit of ambient, EDM, and late Zappa-like electronic jazz.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #13

Nice to hear your tunes again Espen!

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