Espen's tunes

I am just discovering this old Shred piece, Espen. I was completely blown away!

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Oh thanks. Good times. :smiley:

Recreating a little of that unsettling Watchmen mood.


Continuing the scoring of my imaginary 80’s movie again.


Very pro arrangement Espen. How much post processing do you do in DAW?

Thanks. :slight_smile: There’s just a slight EQ taking off some 4-600hz buildup and a limiter, in addition to the ones running in the patch.

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Hey guys. I’m dropping a Rack album tomorrow, but I thought I’d start with one tune today. :slight_smile: It’s been a little quiet from my end, but I’m still nerding with synths and strange sounding things.

I’m gonna share some patches and geeky production stuff, if anyone is into that sort of thing. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna do that anyway. :smiley:


And it’s out!

As you know, the damn pandemic killed all gigs, and I’m literally rationing rice and beans right now, so if you wanna pick one up, it would be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Loved making this, and it was only the beginning. More to come in the future.


Experimenting with Cubase and Rack. :slight_smile:

I must remember to put stuff here more often.



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I did a thing.


It’s rare that I make something that doesn’t have a tempo, but I should do it more. Quite liberating in a way.

A single oscillator doing most of the work with good help from Clouds. That was also sampled and is sent through Clouds again for double effect, running backwards and glitching amidst all the reverby stuff.

One neat trick is a really slow LFO with low range into the CV input on Stack, which is occasionally transposing the S&H melody before it hits the quantizer, and with enough portamento it becomes some nice bends in between the triggered notes.

TL;DR: Clouds!