es8 audio in not showing on VST

hi, ive got the expert sleepers es8 when I open stand alone vcv I can see the audio ins and outs in my es8 dropdown menu but the vst only has the outs , is this a bug or a feature , like something that just cant happen in the vst version . thanks

Mac mini . ableton 11 suite

Probably depends a lot on the VST host you’re using, which you haven’t mentioned.

sorry using ableton

Seems this is ground already tread:

have any solutions that are just changing a config vs me spending another 400$ to get my 600$ es8 to work >

There are other posts about ableton and the es- devices in the forum. No idea if anyone has solved it or not.

so helpful

Since you got the paid version of rack maybe try this :

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this is why I love this community . the responses are go buy more hardware, there’s other posts on here about that issue , go talk to support. you guys are the best

Keep it nice please. If people aren’t able to help you the way you expect or want, there really is no need for toxic sarcasm. It won’t get you far. (I for sure am not going to help you)


y’all can dish it but can’t take it .

VCV are the ones providing the functionality of VCV as a VST and the Audio modules, so don’t hesitate to use the support you paid for. VCV support has always been cordial, helpful, and usually very timely in their responses in my experience (unlike a lot of commercial product support out there). The advice to contact them is honestly good advice.



For others that might search here for answers, what was the issue/solution?

well now it doesnt work so I have no elfin clue .,.