Error when trying to create module

Hi, total noob when it comes to Rack module development, but 20+ experience in software development, C++, C#…

I’m trying to setup the environment and build the template project, according the manual and these instructions:

Progress so far:

  • MSYS2 is installed and updated
  • I installed (latest) python, because that seems to be needed in order run the
  • I created plugin using createplugin
  • I created file named MyModule.svg under res

Then when I tried to execute createmodule, with a help of this I get the following error:

Is the python that I’m using too new - 3.12 - or what? Using Windows 11 with Rack 2.5.1 SDK


Most folks don’t use but thst error message would make me think your SVG is not valid xml. What’s in the SVG file?


Argh, stupid of me - the file is empty text file :joy: Forget to install Inkscape and create actual SVG file


Friends don’t let friends use

Once your module builds and runs, it’s useless.

Better to start your new plugin by using my GenericBlank repo template. If you have the development environment set up correctly, and using the right console, it gives a building and running “blank slate” to start from.


+1 on that. Use a blank template as a starting point.

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