Envelope module with "Lag" feature?

I’ll check it out. ty.

I’m just learning VCV Rack myself and purposefully avoiding wholesale installation of modules for this very reason, to avoid choice paralysis. I’m installing modules one by one, and making sure they provide only what I need as I’m learning. Even with this tactic I find my mind exploding with possibilities.

I can understand that line of thinking, what I’m trying to do is find the perfect synth layout for me. A synth that would have all the capabilities that I am looking for. Not only feature wise, but best sound engine (whatever that means). I believe VCV is the answer. The closest (easy-to-use) synth I’ve found is MX, but MX doesn’t even have oscillator sync. It has “hard sync” dedicated to that oscillator but that isn’t the same.

I’m searching for that “goto” synth, if it even exists at all. As the VCV community seem to have a “go to” module for reverb, Plateau, I want to put together a default Rack2 layout thats right for me. As stated above, the MM Shapemaster will be my envelope that loads in everytime I launch, as it seems to do everything I want in a single module. Plateau as reverb, etc. I really like the Vult Complex Oscillator, it’s just so resource intensive that I can only run a single instance of it. Imagine trying to do Polyphonic Unison with that oscillator.

I’m looking for a great sounding synth with my features of choice, while remaining semi-easy to use. I can see the appeal in modular patching and so forth, I just want to easily create my sound and move on to composing my music, as opposed to spending hours trying to be an electronics engineer if that makes sense. I don’t know. Maybe I’m approaching the synth world in an entirely wrong way.

My Diva is just a demo and I do not want to purchase it too, as I am not in any financial situation to support it. I’ve spent way too much as it is, and have come to realise that I’m not satisfied with any of the ones I own. Maybe I should’ve just went the hardware direction. But it is what it is.


The number one strength of something like VCV rack2 is you aren’t making your mind up permanent-like. Try other oscillators and other filters and other envelopes, they all have their places and appeals depending on the specific voice you are using them to create. Nothing wrong with dedicated modules that get you closer to your goals quicker, but maybe expand beyond one choice only for each element. And a more complete feature list is not the same as better or worse, just different. Sometimes there are other ways to get a feature patched up, like Surge XT now has in beta a Unison module that you can feed your favorite oscillator and get the poly unison you desire from it. Just look at VCV like a sound design tool as well as a living instrument, it is just so much fun to make your own textures and tones with modular thinking and vcv tools.


For me a lot of times the actual sound designing, exploring and eventually someday understanding, is actually directing me towards a composition.

It doesn’t make me feel like an engineer at all :slight_smile: I agree with @cubistguitar VCV is far too deep to use it as a single instrument. It is a lot more.


First you have to decide what features you need. You can always add more later.

I am in the middle of building a MegaSynth, one that does everything. I am beginning to realise that I don’t need it to do everything, but it’s fun trying.

So Wavetable / Analogue / multi voice Oscillators, 9-OP FM with algorithms, FX loop, Apreggiator, Wavetable FM, Matrix control to give access to all FX for all voices, Amp / Pitch / Filter Envelopes, Animated Envelopes, Looping Envelopes, DAHSDR Envelopes, and whatever else I can think of.

I bought the Host module which gives me access to all the sample-driven voices of the LSO and many more. It all lets me embed the Dexed clone of the DX7 and the SurgeXT Synth and many others.

The EQ Master module is a fully featured Parametric Equaliser - I don’t know of any hardware synth that has that.

You can layer different voices simply by using the mixer (the MO-DX has a small mixer on the control panel, as do many newer synths) and you can chain the MindMeld mixers to give you 16, 32, voices and more.

With PatchMaster modules you can build a control panel interface to make all this easier to control.

There is the facility to have Presets using 8Face.

Overkill? Like I said, it’s fun trying.

Thats really cool.

Ok thanks again, everyone. Time to go create.