Entrian Timeline

Just ran a crossed this, couple short videos on YouTube and a manual on their on website …looks Like what I’ve been waiting for ,but anyone out there have any experience ?

It looks good, and Entrian makes good stuff. Did you know you can cut and paste sections of music between Entrian, Impromptu, and Squinky Labs sequencers?


It works well


my last 4-5 tracks were made using the entrian timeline, it’s an amazing module well worth the price IMO, VCV rack becomes a full blown DAW software with it in my opinion some well needed features are missing but overall its very solid

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Nice to know for sure I have been using ++ a bit lately . I’ll have to get used to not using the Dtroy mostly , but What I am gaining seams like the missing link for me !

Sweet !

Thanks for the info .

It that’s our ++ your are talking about, thank you.

SEQ++ is the fastest way to enter notes for melodic sequences – @Squinky added alot of keyboard shortcuts. You can then paste into Entrian or Squinky’s 4x4. I’ve been using Entrian Timeline for managing the pieces, doing fader and mute automation, and even some occasional automation of module inputs.

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For the last few weeks, I have been transcribing Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in Dm into the Entrian Timeline Sequencer by hand. I learned a lot about the piece and the sequencer by doing this. My interpretation and recording is not perfect, but I wanted to share what I have done with Timeline as I think it is a fantastic sequencer.

The patch uses 3 Host instances, each hosting an Arturia V Collection B-3 Cathedral Organ VST playing in a different octave.

I used a Tempo CV track fairly successfully in this. CV controlled the CLOCKED BPM.


Very impressive!

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Wow, that is quite something - great job!

(I hesitate to mention this, but I’m currently working on MIDI file import for Entrian Timeline.)


Great! I think this Fugue was the first classical piece I remember learning about back in 7th grade music class. That was pretty close to when Bach first performed this. :wink:


Have you tried Seq++ for this kind of thing? It’s suppposed to be super efficient for typing in music. Doesn’t mean that it is, of course. If you ever try it I would be interested in your experiences. It, too, is based on an ancient design (assuming 80’s is ancient).

Thanks! I’ve done MIDI imports of this piece years ago, but, I don’t learn anything in the process;) I will definitely use and appreciate MIDI file import though.

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I have not tried to do this in Seq++ but I will. I built my first modular synth in 1972, so the 80’s were cutting edge for me:)

I built mine in 77! And designe a poly synth in 82 which set me on the programming path.

I’m so attached to the past! Here is my 1972 PAIA modular synth still sitting up in the top of the closet.


I had the PAIA computer keyboard driving various things, mostly this modular which you can see is “very” home-built. I build a new DAC for the PAIA to output 1V/Octave so it could drive “normal” stuff.

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