Entrian Sequencers released: Timeline, Melody, and Drummer

The Entrian Sequencers plugin is now available in the VCV Library!

There are three modules in the plugin:

Timeline, a DAW-like timeline sequencer.

Melody, a polyphonic piano-roll sequencer.

Drummer, a drum sequencer.

Here’s a short showcase video:

See the manual for more information.

Bug reports and feature suggestions should go to the Entrian Audio GitHub Tracker, or if you’d rather contact me directly then feel free to DM me here.

Huge thanks to everyone who’s provided encouragement and feedback!


Congrats on the release Richie, those are some Huge tools man!


Excellent work Richie! Wish you every success. An amazing and unique set of sequencers for Rack.


Congrats Richie on the release of this fine set of tools! Excellent work :notes::vulcan_salute:t3:

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Purchased. Awesome devices. Great implementation and so far seem really intuitive and easy to use.

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Great @Richie, just bought it as well. Can I ask for some features in Drummer and mostly Melody?

  • I would love a CV or a button to clear the sequence, as I like to record /play my sequences live.
  • Also, when editing I’d love to close the note properties and save my changes by using Enter :slight_smile: [Edit: I’ve added these suggestions to Github]

Nicely done! Thank you.

Wow, Richie, this looks flippin’ awesome! Gamechanger if this thing actually works per the manual. A big leap towars the realization of Andrew’s vision of Rack as an actual DAW.

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It does exactly what the manually says it does and more!!

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Pretty cool features too: I love that I can edit the properties of one note (for instance, its probability), then select multiple notes (or hover them individually) and simply press Enter to apply those properties again. Awesome!


Just purchased it. Only had a chance to use it for a few minutes but it is so worth the cost. Perfect for bridging the gap between the spontaneity/creativity of modular with the structure and organization of a traditional DAW. The automation control alone is priceless. This is a rack must-have in my opinion!

Being home now with more time to use it - all I can is thank you very very much Richie! This module makes the otherwise tedious task of building a proper track in Rack totally effortless (minus the creativity and inspiration of course!). The use of channels and polyphony to minimize clutter was a brilliant idea. I also love how you included the ability to copy “songs”, which makes it really easy to create lots of variation over time.

As someone who is very committed to building tracks completely within Rack, this plugin is absolutely essential. It doesn’t take anything away from the modular experience it just adds a whole new level of power to composition. Awesome work!! I truly cannot recommend this strongly enough.


Thank you for your kind words - that’s all very good to hear!

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All that modular randomness can be recorded into the sequencers! Just pre set the amount of bars you want to record. Just having record connected also passes through the active track so you can audition different sounds very easily or route one track into another through the record inputs.

If you want to merge 2 melody clips you just have to take the clips outputs and route to record the active track will get the signals, you could also convert a melody into a CV/Gate clip with record.

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Looks impressive, no doubt i’ll buy it, congrats ! one question can we record several CC in the same time from a MIDI controller ?

I’ve just tried it and it looks like NO. tested with 23volts multimap poly out. But it’s interesting what Richie would say on it.

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thanks to have tested, and yes wait what the boss say :wink:

No, I’m afraid CV recording is single-channel at the moment. I’ve raised an enhancement request in the tracker for “polyphonic” CV recording: https://github.com/EntrianAudio/Rack/issues/39

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That’s a whole lot of awesome for $30… makes composition and arrangement far less of a headache for those of us who came to Rack with more experience with DAWs, than actual modular :wink:

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Purchased, thanks and amazing!

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