Emulating a wah effect with external MIDI pedal ?

Can anyone suggest a module or more that I could control for a wah effect ? I have an external MIDI controller (BCF2000) with a working foot pedal, need some suggestions for a patch.


Hello Dave, there a few modules but here is a set up with bass and the wah wah, hope this works for you:

Slap Bass | Patchstorage

Just given it a run out and it keep out with early Devo!

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Use it to sweep frequencies on a band pass filter

Yes. I guess preferably one that distorts a bit. And then you can extend this to any kind of filter. It won’t be strictly a “wah” any more, but it will be a cool effect that’s from the same universe.

Hey, thanks for the tips ! I have nicely working prototype (which I needed for a lesson in about an hour) built with the Squinky Labs Formants filter. The center frequency is swept with the MIDI-CV input while the vowel type is slowly modulated by a VCV LFO-1. Works well enough to fake it on Voodoo Child and Shaft. :slight_smile:

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Nice. I tend to prefer grooving on slower stuff like Burning of the Midnight Lamp and Maggot Brain

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Eddie Hazel! And then there is the “fixed” wah as a tone control, i.e. Mick Ronson.

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yes, especially good on live versions of Moonage Daydream and Width of a Circle

And then there is band of gypsies “machine gun” and jeff beck’s “definitely maybe”…

I’m sure you know this, but technically a wah is a band pass filter, so anything with BP mode should do it. I like using different filter types for a different sound, so experimentation is key. I’ve got a MIDI foot controller with two expression pedals but haven’t tried this yet, other than a kind of voice box patch combining bit crushing with a BP filter and a clock divider to drop it down an octave. Another fun one for guitar is to use Entrian Follower to make an auto-wah. I’ve got a nice patch somewhere using this with Box of Revelation, let me know if you want me to dig any of these out! Anyway I’m off to listen to Maggot Brain, haven’t heard that for years. Brilliant!



My student had already got pretty far with Voodoo Child, we had a lot of fun yesterday. Btw, I also recommended he check out White Room, Tales Of Brave Ulysses, and Papa Was A Rolling Stone, all good examples to the purpose. :slight_smile:

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Anyone know a pitch shifting module that could be used in a similar way with incoming audio and expression pedal MIDI->CV to replicate a Whammy pedal as used on things like Seven Nation Army?

It’s kind of a fun idea to build a guitar pedal board from VCV modules

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Nysthi, surprisingly has one: Pitchshifter, he has a fuzz distortion as well, Bidoo -Pitch. Those are the ones I’m aware of. Probably more. Any audio examples of what the pedal does?

basically just listen to a lot of the stuff Jack White used to play in White Stripes, most famously the octave up and down shifting in Seven Nation Army. Cheers for the tip.

here’s Digitech’s demo

more fun demo of the ‘junior’ version (like an Autowah version) of the pedal, the Whammy Ricochet

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Thanks, as I do, I put a rough patch version together without the Midi option, would MIDI CV module serve that function?

should work fine you’d just need to listen to an incoming CC value which is what the expression pedal uses.

Well I’m not a guitarist, always try to keep it within rack, so might try AI Resonator or Pluck on Macro modules to get a vague guitar sound. Here’s the patch so far, any advice on alterations don’t hesitate to ask for them.:

Whaamy style pedal.vcv (27.8 KB)

That’s how I’m running my pedal into VCV Rack. The pedal itself is an old Yamaha foot controller, works perfectly with the BCF2000 (where it’s CC# 94, IIRC). I use an attenuverter to adjust the effective range. Btw, I did try the Vult Tangents filter in bp mode, didn’t care for the results but didn’t spend a lot of time tweaking it. YMMV.

I’m curious - who “smooths out” the 7 bit value coming from MIDI? does the core MIDI module do this? Because someone better, or I would think you would get grainy sound or even the dreaded “zipper noise”.

Hello Dave so I have created a patch using all VCV modules based around the Squinky Formants filter and got some good wah-wah effects from it! So how have you modulated the vowel type via a real guitar? I have used AI Macro-Pluk and Resonator as my guitar sources.