East of Easel

Matthew hasn’t made himself very popular around here but he carries on developing modules (not in the Library) and he has a history of Easel emulation (he developed an Easel as a Reaktor instrument a few years ago). This is new and currently on offer at $25 (from $100 !). It looks nothing like an Easel, is polyphonic and is far from a direct copy (!):


I wonder if the screaming filters also have “true resonance” :stuck_out_tongue:


“If you can think of it east of easel can do it!”

ol’ Modest Matt is back in the game!

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I would have preferred he finish some sort of manual or documentation for Spikes which I find quite inscrutable… and even at $25 which is a good price, I’d really like to seem some youtube demos as to how it works & sounds…

I think it would be appropriate if this forum’s code of conduct would also be observed in how we approach this developer, even if he has made mistakes in the past.


Where is the code of conduct? I’ve read it recently, but I can’t find it now.


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Thx. Is there a way to re-find this if I lose the link?

Friends Reunited used to be good for re-fond opportunities, but they’re not around anymore :wink:

heh, heh. fixed it. tx.

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Pages linking to VCV - Community Rules :


Worth mentioning spikes to be the most complete fonction generator and the only one that has perfect v/Oct tracking… Both in software and hardware! Way ahead math at this point… I wonder why fonction generators in vcv are not seen as the holy grail as much as they are in eurorack world… You could make a crazy synth by just pilling up a few spikes together!


i think i’ll give it a try. $25 isnt too bad of a price. $100 is out of the question tho imo.

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Is Spikes available as a hardware module?

yes, it’s called USG (Universal Signal Generator) from Random Source (licenced SERGE ) :wink:

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Can anyone who has bought this give any opinions on it? Would love to see some sort of youtube demo with sound…

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I haven’t bought it, but would point out this free module in the library I only noticed recently

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Does USG have perfect v/Oct tracking?

seems at least 5 octaves https://randomsource.net/serge_eurorack?mod=RS_DSG_E

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