East of Easel

Matthew hasn’t made himself very popular around here but he carries on developing modules (not in the Library) and he has a history of Easel emulation (he developed an Easel as a Reaktor instrument a few years ago). This is new and currently on offer at $25 (from $100 !). It looks nothing like an Easel, is polyphonic and is far from a direct copy (!):


I wonder if the screaming filters also have “true resonance” :stuck_out_tongue:


“If you can think of it east of easel can do it!”

ol’ Modest Matt is back in the game!

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I would have preferred he finish some sort of manual or documentation for Spikes which I find quite inscrutable… and even at $25 which is a good price, I’d really like to seem some youtube demos as to how it works & sounds…

I think it would be appropriate if this forum’s code of conduct would also be observed in how we approach this developer, even if he has made mistakes in the past.

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Where is the code of conduct? I’ve read it recently, but I can’t find it now.


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Thx. Is there a way to re-find this if I lose the link?

Friends Reunited used to be good for re-fond opportunities, but they’re not around anymore :wink:

heh, heh. fixed it. tx.

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Pages linking to VCV - Community Rules :


Worth mentioning spikes to be the most complete fonction generator and the only one that has perfect v/Oct tracking… Both in software and hardware! Way ahead math at this point… I wonder why fonction generators in vcv are not seen as the holy grail as much as they are in eurorack world… You could make a crazy synth by just pilling up a few spikes together!


i think i’ll give it a try. $25 isnt too bad of a price. $100 is out of the question tho imo.

Is Spikes available as a hardware module?

yes, it’s called USG (Universal Signal Generator) from Random Source (licenced SERGE ) :wink:

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Can anyone who has bought this give any opinions on it? Would love to see some sort of youtube demo with sound…

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I haven’t bought it, but would point out this free module in the library I only noticed recently

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Does USG have perfect v/Oct tracking?

seems at least 5 octaves https://randomsource.net/serge_eurorack?mod=RS_DSG_E

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