Dub in the style of King Tubby

Hello a bit at a loose end, so back to the old style Dub of King Tubby.

So looking for deep echo Reverb modules-Supercell and all it’s cousins spring to mind.

A long drawn out delay-any ideas? ADSR -Long sustain/release on the delay?

A way to stop and start a sound, be it a sample/ module over a long period [5 secs] and then let it fade out.

Feedback loops- any modules or builds that would work for that.

Any other suggestions of modules that spring to mind.

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Well this is a massive cheat answer, and not cheap, but VCV Host hosting the Audio Thing plugin named Alborosie Dub Station does it for me

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for delays I like:

Alright Devices Chronoblob 2

AS Dual Delay Stereo FX

MSM Dual Delay

Nysthi NYECHOecoeco

Sampler is Nysthi Simpliciter

all Vult filters and Lindenberg filter have great sound for Dub

and use a lot modulation and lfos

and Host with some dedicated FX

Thanks, any ideas on the long sustained fade outs into nothing!? X FADES-Bogaudio, any others? Frein by Bidoo=Tape stop

for long sustained fades try

Supercell or
Valley Plateau or
Nysthi Ambuance
and XFX Reverb,
maybe a combination of these will do the job

I made a simple example patch that shows a bit the reverbed fade
you just hit the Trigger button on the Bogaudio Manual module,
then you’ll get an idea …
I like the looging preset in the Supercell for this,
but you can try the Oliverb too
and adjust parameters and modulate and…

2021_05_14_dub-fade-example_01.vcv (77.0 KB)

Thank you Stephan, all very good modules and info. I found a pdf about King Tubby’s dub production process and the author says that an 10 Freq stage High Pass Filter was used a lot as well. Any module that would emulate that?

Audio Merge – King Tubby Big Knob (KTBK) Passive Filter, an accurate Altec 9069B replica. (audio-merge.com)

Altec 9069 HighPass first test… Tubby’s filter… - YouTube

Tubbys_Dub_Style.pdf (368.4 KB)

NYSTHI’s Twisted Verb can make some springy sounds if you automate the Room Size.

Thanks, that is gonna be another weapon in my arsenal then . So Lfo or any other suggestions?

I don’t know of many three stage filters, and in any case getting that “exact” sound will be tough. But any VCF with a true highpass would get you pretty close. I would recommend at least trying my F2 filter. In highpass mode it can be 2 or 4 “stages” (which I call 12db and 24db). Between that choice and some of the other controls you should be able to get close. If you try that one set it for a low resonance and turn the limiter off.

I was wondering when this thread would peak your interest!! :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face: So just talk about filters and he shall appear! Always good to get your input. BTW any Brian Eno stories? Just listening to Heaven Star- him n Fripp.

yeah, love that fripp and eno. I had the cover of No Pussyfooting on my dorm wall “back in the day”. Yeah, I have some decent eno stories, but they don’t have much point to them other than “I’m really cool, I had dinner with brian eno a couple of times!”.

Speaking of dub, however, do you know this record? I got it when it came out - I think it’s one of the first things Adrian Sherwood did.

So how did you get to meet all these exalted people in the 1970s and 80s , was it through the Voyetra synth module or later than that? No, not come across this track but it is rather good. I have some compilations of his work and African Head Charge albums bagged in my bedroom, their work was so deep and prolific, it was hard to keep up!

Two ways. I did meet a lot of people though Voyetra, and did become close friends with one who introduced me to lots of other people. Also a friend from high school was in the music biz and moved to NYC and he introduced me to a lot of people. I met eno completely independently through both of them, once in the 70’s and once in the 90’s.

Suggestions for what? What do you want to do with the LFO?

I wrote that before actually looking at the video link! So it now makes no sense, I thought it involved sticking an LFO into the Twisted verb.

a vcv filter that is really like the Altec 9069 is not there,
as the Altec has 10 fixed stages (frequencies)
and one big knob which you could use to quickly change the frequency,
It would need some work around to get something working similarly.

It would be cool if someone would create a module that copies this filter.

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Ah ok, yeah it seems to work better with sample and hold, or sudden changes, but maybe something cool will happen with an lfo, I’m not sure that I tried that.

That would be cool and surely not very difficult to implement besides the filter design itself.