Drawing in illustrator?

hello, i am so used to illustrator that i am nearly unable to work in a programm like inkscape where none of the shortcuts work that have become my second nature.

when i opened an svg file in illustrator and saved it, it was not recognized by vcv anymore. has anyone found a way to use illustrator for this things?

I m not use illustrator, but it can be because you are using effects or filters that is not suported by vcv rack, if you upload a file I can check it…

at the moment i am not allowed to upload things. however, i just opened one file into illistrator, and saved it again. that is enough to make it stop working. i guess there must be something according to the file structure?

weird, the illustartor metadata should be ignored by vcvrack. you could check if illustrator can save as “optimized svg” or ΅plain svg" that formats dont save any kind of metadata


MentalQuadLFO.zip (4.8 KB)

ah, now i can. here you go…

and by using a differen export, it seems to work. i put styles inline, used minimal object id’s and unchecked minify and responsive… thanks for pointing to the right direction


great! you are welcome !

You can customise the shortcuts in inkscape.

Edit > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts, You can also import and export the .xml shortcut file.

The proper export settings for illustrator are well documented, just google it. People will never agree what it the “best” tool for this, but certainly illustrator works fine.