dbRackModules releases

and people can grab these and make a patch still in time for the current vcp challenge!

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yes, its still a pre release but i think there will no breaking changes anymore so it will stay compatible in the patches.

Those Pad2 demos sound so gorgeous… :face_with_monocle:

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Amazing collection of modules doc, really need to dive into these. Well done and thanks!

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Thanks all for testing/commenting. dbRackModules 2.1.0 is now in the library.


It still excludes the latest ACC modification, doesn’t it?

sure, because ACC is dbRackSequencer. There i have to write manuals first, as there are some new modules.

Ah, right… :face_with_spiral_eyes: I’m already dizzy because of the amount of modules you released.

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Yesssssss new docB modules! So hyped!

Do you take ideas/suggestions for new modules?

Release dbRackModules 2.1.3 is now in the Library

New modules:

PHSR2 An advanced Phasor for phase distortion with FM.

CSOSC A cosine oscillator with skew and clip controls.

BWF An FFT based brickwall filter.

EVA A tiny fast ADSR with integrated VCA, also designed for use as part of an FM operator.

Ratio Applies a ratio to an incoming V/O signal, designed for use as part of an FM operator.


  • RSC occasional freeze on windows now gone
  • PLC Hover Keys ^R and ^I now working
  • Faders right click now correct
  • MVerb Fixed noise if wet = 0; Fixed Mesh_Freq_Mod amount – is now V/Oct if Amt = 1
  • PHSR has now FM
  • PhO has now a knob for setting a phase offset (e.g. 0.25 = 90° = cosine)

Can’t wait to check it out!

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Glad to have PHSR2 and Ratio. I find a lot of this collection really useful in fact!

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what’s the latency on BWF?

depends on the fft length (1024,2048,4096 - config in menu)

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Awesome sequencers! I’m noticing a bug in CYC, where the On/Off input jack isn’t able to be connected. Clicking on it doesn’t generate a cable like it does on N3 for example.

thanks for the hint - it was not implemented yet. CYC is part of dbRackSequencer (a different plugin) – here an update will come soonish. I will enable the On/Off jack then.

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Great, thanks!

I’m with strangebuttrue - some really interesting/useful modules you have added to the plugin.

I have some comments and feature requests


One of the few oscillators that can do square wave pulse width modulation covering the full range from 0% to 100%. Set the Clip fully clockwise to get a square waveform, and control the pulse width via Skew.

Feature Request - It can go well into audio range, but with wicked aliasing. It would be fantastic if you could add an option for anti-aliasing.


I really like this one. It might not be obvious to some based on the description and manual, but it allows you to dial in the delta V/Oct needed for any of the partials of the harmonic series from 2 through 32.

Feature Request - It would be wonderful if you make the Ratio input polyphonic - it will greatly expand the utility of this module


This one is very interesting. Sort of a very primitive ShapeMaster

I notice that sometimes I am unable to grab a point and move it. I have yet to figure out a pattern. I am on Windows 10.

Feature Request - Please, please, pretty please can you add a one shot button. This could be very useful as a multi-segment envelope generator.

Also, this is another oscillator that can go well into audio range, but again without anti-aliasing. I would love it if you could add an anti-aliasing option (context menu) to go along with a one shot mode. I have a number of experiments I would like to do with a module with these features.


Nothing to do with this recent release, but I just discovered MVERB. It can create some gorgeous sounds. I have a patch I am working on where I much prefer the MVERB over Plateau. I have no idea how to configure all the knobs, (besides using the presets), but I just activated Randomize, and stumbled on a very pleasing configuration.

It is a CPU pig, but worth it if your machine can handle it. I find that on my Windows 10 machine I must disable the “Use Thread” option, else I get consistent pops. I think my machine has other processes that are interfering with the communication between the threads.

Feature Request - The “Use Thread” setting is not store with the patch, so I must manually disable it every time I open the patch. Please can you update the module to save that setting?



yeah, but a lot of ppl like aliasing, and it’s so much work to minimize it! Do you really think it’s worth the trouble?