Here are some modules providing the Csound engine for sound generation or FX.

The Csound language is referenced here.


Oh wow… that gives access to a whole new world, with a ton of published patches and components. Very interesting! (this should be up your street @dlphillips ) Is this new plugin going to be in the library?

The demo patch is lovely and definately wets the appetite…


I think so, may be the interface could be matured e.g. may be there is a need for more inputs, or an additional audio input. But i thought the current is a good starting point to evaluate.


Takes me back, did some CSound at uni in the early nineties and the fastest PC in our lab was a Pentium 133 it was obvious the potential of it far outweighed the cpu grunt available at the time. Would be interesting to revisit it though I did look to see if someone had created a fancy UI wrapper for it a while back, I couldn’t see one.

Edit: ooh this could be fun https://ide.csound.com/


The fxs do sound great, will the module come loaded with Csound example or would have to create our own?

Currently there are examples in the presets of CsoundFX (e.g. chorus) . They will grow over time. However, the interesting point here is that the delay and reverb can be setup very detailed and made unique by using basic Csound opcodes (delayr, delayw, deltab for delays and valpass and comb for reverb). Here and in general i would recommend to read https://flossmanual.csound.com/


Thanks for the info and the pdf link. I’ll have a good read and c what I can do!

Thanks for the link, can we use the projects from this site in docB’s module. Just add the csd file or more complicated?

Very impressive! Thanks for creating this. Was curious about csound, but never got around to exploring it.

simply paste a csd will not work as the communication with VCVRack must be done. the Csound module is also more designed to act as module what means that it should focus on one thing. in csd a complete “orchestra” can be programmed but in the Csound module i recommend to only use one one instrument (instr 1) and use multiple Csound modules in the patch if needed.

Definitely, thanks for the pointer. First test was with the simple VCO instrument running through the chorus by Ian McCurdy, no problems so far on a Mini M1. @docB This is great work !

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Gave it a whirl with the exciter from the csound docs with little prior csound experience.

Looking forward to giving it a more thorough go but a good start, thanks for adding it to Rack.

Here are some fixes, mainly the factory presets and pasting text on windows should work now

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Btw, if anyone is looking for a way into Csound I highly recommend Jim Aikin’s excellent Csound Power. It is indeed a comprehensive and very well-written guide into the environment.

Alas, it’s apparently out of print and now overpriced (on Amazon at least), but still definitely worth looking for.

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