DanT Neon-Oblique - AI Panel Experiments

Moving these out of the plugin release thread…

I would love to hear any thoughts these experiments inspire

Most of these likely won’t actually become modules in my plugin, but I find them very fun to create, and maybe they will spark some ideas that do lead to new modules

Here are my first 3 experiments:



This one looks so cool, I think the white unit has a cigarette lighter too.

This is maybe a drum machine with presets and like 4 sounds Kik snare hat and crash into the band passed oil can reverb on the bottom.

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This is cool, how you are getting the transparent background?

All modules start out transparent until they paint their space. Many a beginner forgets to have a full-coverage background on their module SVG or have a letter case mixup in the filename causing the SVG not to load at all, and end up with a module with just floating knobs.

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As I,ve just commented into the parent-topic, I find these very strange. They look like something is dropped onto my Eurorack case instead of a module added to the row.

Do you also have 2D experiments?

Do you have blank panels showing bugs, rats, spiders sitting in the rack? Behind the modules, in the shadow…

This experimental module uses a PNG image as the panel instead of an SVG, and as @pachde says, by default (ie without setting a panel) the module is transparent (although it does have its shadow which gives a faint indication of the module extents).

My process is basically generate an image in MidJourney, then edit using Photoshop (to remove the background and other elements that don’t work) & Topaz Giga pixel (to upscale, which also cleans up the line work).

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These are 2D, there isn’t any part of the process that I would consider explicitly 3D.

But I assume you mean aesthetically 2D. The issue with this is that trying to get a flat module shape output from MidJourney can be a bit of a cat herding task, and quite often it makes the results plain and boring.

Though there are sometimes successful edits using prompts that include orthographic, I just prefer these non-traditional module designs.

Thats an interesting idea, but I don’t think it is workable in rack currently. Although a module can have graphic elements outside of its own dimensions, you can’t really control the layering, so I don’t think it is possible to ensure that the graphic would be behind other modules.

(Actually thinking about it there is the drawLayer override, perhaps putting the graphic in layer 999 might work, though this feels a bit hacky)

However, it would certainly be possible to create alternative images to use as the rack background.

I was also thinking it would be cool if a module and expander had graphical elements that interlock when positioned correctly


Someone needs to make a crazy effects module and use this panel design immediately. :wink:

Something like Satanaut, which is a favourite of mine both sonically and visually!

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Hows this for a module in the euroack case? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Clearly this would need to be a flabby kick drum type of module :long_drum:


If any other dev does seriously want to use one of my designs, just private message me, more than happy to work it out…


Let me understand… You instructed an AI to draw those modules?? What a time to be alive!!! :star_struck:

Also, they have a look ‘n’ feel that remind me A LOT Borderland saga and Subnautica saga. Absolutely gorgeous!

That for a collection of noises generator! Would be perfect IMAO!

On a basic level, yes, I guess…

But actually, not exactly; I ask the MidJourney to draw A LOT of different things, and say about 1 in 10, I can see the potential in to convert them into a module panel design…

For example, that last design I posted originally came out of the AI like this:

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Very interesting. I am getting my fingers on drawing AI myself. So far I started with this thing: GitHub - AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui: Stable Diffusion web UI but there are so many around! I totally have to try this MidJourney!!

Yep, I have also used that repo, its very good.

I just find the discord interface and artistic development of MJ to be very compatible with my own needs, but you really have to have a subscription for it, so if you want to stay on the free side of things, then running your own stable diffusion is probably the best route. Just be careful not to melt down your GPU :fire: :fire: :fire:

I love this one :smiley: