Cv to Midi to Daw (only gate/trig)

Hello. Hopefully somebody can help me. I want to send just Gates or Trigs to my Ableton. In combination with V/Oct it works already. So what can I do, or maybe what Modul do I need, to do this. I am pretty shure it has something to do, with midi needs note on/off. Thank you

I wonder if that is even possible, because any Note-on or Note-off command contains a note number. It’s just how MIDI works.


Modular does not really distinguish much between control or audio signals. Both use a range of roughly 10 Volt, generally representing unipolar (0 - 10) or bipolar (-5 to +5). So…an audio signal might be enough. But the outside world may expect certain values/formats.

VCV Rack can interface with the outside world. There are some I/O options in the Fundamental (Core) modules.

Hello. Thanks for your answers. I use the CV-Midi Modul and I receive already a Signal in my Ableton. Actually I have 2 problems.:

  1. I realize that my Midi Notes in Ableton (from VCV Rack) are (I guess) to early. Audio In Ableton is perfect in sync.
  2. If I want to use only Trigger Signals from VCV Rack to Ableton, how can I do that?

I am familiar with 5V, 10V, -5 to +5V … used from my “regular” Modular System.

Thank you Best Dirk

do you know about the cv tools for ableton?

Welcome Dirk. Maybe try to describe what you are trying to do. Ableton will need a Note-On / Note-Off Midi Message (with a specific note value) for everything, so I am wondering what you want with just a trigger. This concept of separate triggers and V/Oct exists only in the modular world (well, let’s say: not in the midi world).

If you want to sequence a drum track for example you could use the VCV CV-GATE module, which translates a trigger from VCV into a specific Midi-Note on/off Signal for Ableton.

Hello. What I want to do is, program a gate Sequenz in the vcv rack and send it via the cv-midi Modul from vcv rack to Ableton (for example a drum rack, or just record in a midi clip). What I need now is a Modul in vcv rack that generates, from the sequencers trig signals simple notes (for example just c3s), that I can then patch booth signals (trig and v/oct) in the cv to midi Modul. Thank you

Don’t use CV-MIDI - use CV-GATE. There you can set the note of each trigger you connect to it.

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Thank you. No it’s working :+1: