VCV Rack and Ableton CV Tools

Hi all,
newbie here so reaching out to the experienced rackers for help. i am trying to sync Ableton and VCV Rack for tempo, transport of a clock and ultimately record my tracks. I am using Jack Audio on a Mac and I managed the recording bit with no problems. however I am struggling to find a way to link CV tools and a clock in VCV to start, stop and reset, and adjust the bpm via the daw. I found some old tutorials on YT using bridge, but barely usable.
Any suggestion/workflow would be greatly appreciated


Hi, just use my tutorial and change bridge to jack

HI Artem,
thank you for pointing to your tutorial. That one was my first using bridge by the way. I have tried with Jack but it doesn’t work for me. The only thing that happens is that the clock start receive the cv for a msec then auto reset and stops. bpm do not change. I use Impromptu Clocked as my to go clock. I will wait for the VST version of VCV but it’s frustrating not to know why I can’t make it work…

I’ve only tried Ableton CV Tools briefly, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t work with Rack for DAWs when it’s is released. You can simply drop VCV Rack in your channel strip as an effect or instrument plugin, send the “audio” that CV Tools generates to it, and use it with the VCV Audio module.

Without CV tools, it will respond to and be able to generate MIDI transport (start, stop, continue, clock) commands with the VCV MIDI in/out modules.

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Hi Andrew,
thank you for your reply. I am sure it will work when it will be available and looking forward for it. In the meantime however I have struggled with bridge and since CV tools was made available I have tried to sync VCV and Ableton but with no success. I manage to record audio anyway, but my workflow is less than ideal I made my recordings on the fly meaning that I start the clock in vcv, mentally count to get the tempo right and then click the record in ableton hoping not to have to do extra editing afterwards… not ideal at all :slight_smile:

Hmm, not sure about VCV Bridge. I’d imagine they could theoretically be used for CV Tools if you do the appropriate routing, but Bridge “was never intended as more than a fun experiment, and the project was concluded a month after development started”.

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it works.
So I was doing something wrong with the connections… Adding the CV tools in an audio track as in Artem video and sending the clock and trigger to out 5 and 7, it triggers the Impromptu clock and syncs the bpm. In CV tools I have use the PPQN 24 and set it accordingly in the clocked device (P24). runs smooth as silk :grinning::grinning: Thanks Artem and Andrew for your inputs

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I made a quick demo on how to use CV Tools to send modulation back and forth between Rack and Ableton on Mac OS:

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