Custom Busboard Graphics

Would anyone be interested in these?

Would anyone (especially streamers or live performers) be willing to contribute a dollar or two for one?

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yes to… which?

Sorry. I thought it was a general question. Where are the graphics

I’m just trying to gauge the interest in doing up custom stuff for people…

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Cool breeze

I’m still hoping for a “streamer” mode with green backdrop and no shadows.

Like this?

Out of curiosity where can you modify this ?

That’s good but there are still shadows on the modules and wires. What I should have said in the previous message (that would have been more useful) is that most streamers know which file to modify. It’s the shadows that are causing a problem.

It’s RackBusboard.svg, on Windows found in the res\ComponentLibrary\ of your Rack install

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Ah, OK. That would be trickier since the drawing is done elsewhere…

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I played a bit with the RackBusboard.svg but I didn’t get it to cover the whole background. So I came up with this:

What did you do to cover the whole background?

Had mine custom for a while now, not a great fan of purely cosmetic skeuomorphism, if I can’t plug something into it it needn’t look like a socket.

Make it higher than it should be f.i 129 mm then it covers the holes also.


I just made a new SVG and drew a big square; I wasn’t very scientific about it. (I’m not at that computer right now, so I don’t have the exact size)

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ok, thank you for the explanation, I was thinking just this. :wink:

If you get rid of the holes, won’t your modules start to fall out?

(There’s a comment in the code for svg screws that says something similar. It always cracks me up.)


Mine use hidden magnets.