Custom Busboard Graphics

I love @computerscare take on things he does not use screws and some of his modules are slipping down.


So another try, but I didn’t get rid of the holes totally, I couldn’t find my magnets :wink:

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and here is another try at the busboard:

since my initial query got kinda blown out of the water by all of the other DIYers… Here’s the one I did for an example…


Maybe it should be someone “boarding” a bus?


Should have been using all the Bus modules from Glue the Giant :wink:


i… am a touch behind on some things…

Can’t watch streams or videos that use a chroma key background in Rack.

Hrm? In what way?

In the way of not watching them.

but why?

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i’m working on a patch for that. you can see the initial result at
but i want to make it all configurable.

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Hurts my brain and is extremely distracting.

The way some people use it is absolutely distracting.

But it absolutely is a useful tool.

Well, I guess that’s all but the first three of my Youtube videos screwed.

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Looking forward to that :grinning: