Does anyone knows wich modules that uses Csound engine were releases for vcv? Csound sounds so good…

a quick google search brought me to this repo which seems to have a selection of modules based on Csound. however the plugin was for v1 of Rack, and doesn’t seem to have been updated in several years, so in its current state it won’t work with current versions of Rack. someone would need to go through and update the whole plugin to v2.

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This repo was the original for Rack v1. GitHub - dizzisound/VCV_Csound: VCV Rack modules with Csound engine

I’ve done a v2 fork here: GitHub - SteveRussell33/VCV_Csound_V2: VCV Rack 2 modules with Csound engine which you’ll have to build yourself as it needs CSound pre-installed.

I’m confused, the plugin.json says the license is “proprietary”, but clearly we see the source-code here :thinking:

huh i didn’t see that. the repo does have a GPL3.0 “LICENSE” file, though.

iirc for the VCV store the plugin.json is always leading, but this is quite inconsistent indeed :wink:

I’m lost. What are you talking about?

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Hold over from v1 days. I did this back in June and got around to updating the fork repo yesterday when I saw this thread, just noticed it myself. I’ll change it in a minute.

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The Plugin Development Tutorial mentions it is expected to use an SPDX identifier for the license (your current update is not).

In the case of GPL it’s useful to determine -only or -or-later as well (to resolve any ambiguity). :slight_smile:

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