Crash both as plugin and standalone when I right click

Windows, ableton 10.

Rack has just downloaded a few things I was subbed to in v1 that have just been released I guess and now i get this crash when I bring up browse menu.

Is this likely to be a problem with the new modules and just a case of waiting for fixes?

any help appreciated, tia

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Same thing happening to me after a library update. I guess we can just wait for now.

turns out it was the free Hora modules, deleted them from plugin folder, seems to work now


Yep, me too on Windows. The browser crashes Rack since I updated the several plugins just now suggested. This is a first for me with V2.

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Same in standalone.

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Great job figuring out the problem. Works like a charm after deleting them.

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Looks like Hora Modulation, Processors and VCO_VCF_VCA cause a crash, but Treasure Free is OK.

Hora Analog Drums, Mixers, Sequencers are OK too.


Thanks i deleted them and now all works fine

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Yup soon as I followed you guys and removed all off Hora’s Modules. After VCV 2.01 and today’s module updates Went from constant crashing to OK again.

Well done everyone!

I deleted all my Hora plugins. Except for the mixer and mine is still crashing on right click.

Any other modules causing people problems?

@publicspace234 To the best of my knowledge the issues with the Hora modules has been resolved and should no longer be the cause of your problem. If you would like assistance with this issue could you please email with as much detail as possible.