issue with Hora Modulators, Processors, VCO-VCF-VCA Free Plugins

Modulations Free Processors Free VCO-VCF-VCA Free I know that these were just added to the library. Installing any of those 3 plugins will crash rack as soon as you browse the library. Tested with two different computers running Windows 10 and Windows 11. One running Rack 2.0.0 and the other running 2.0.1. Installing any of those 3 plugins will crash rack as soon as you brows the library. All the other plugins released from Hora seem fine.

Anyone else having this issue?


Log a bug with Hora. I suspect it’s to do with the Font problem every other developer has had to contend with.

Confirmed, Crashes when you open the module browser.


The most common cause of this if widget code that does not expect a null module pointer. Could be the font thing, but I get the impression from reading other’s reports that the font thing is mainly an issue with the VST.

Well, whatever it is I’m sure it will be fixed soon.


Crash with the 3 modules mentioned by the OP , Windows 10

Confirmed, vcv rack crashes on right mouse click. Windows 10

Confirmed here also. Hora-treasureFree is fine. But either Hora-VCO_VCF_VCA_Free or Hora-ProcessorsFree crash VCV 2 (both Pro and Free) on right click for module browser. Easily confirmed by moving in or out of plugins folder.

Yes, that is correct, it is only a problem with the VST.

ah, sry.

No one mentioned doing so, so I sent a support request to VCV. This really needs to be pulled immediately. Hora is a popular brand and many people will be downloading it. VCV 2 will be rendered useless for (seemingly) everyone that does so, and all those folks will be spending time trying to figure out why. Because of this, it seems like VCV needs to take the reins to remove it from the library, not Hora.

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I just had the same problem

Confirmed on Windows 10 Standalone as well.

Hora plugin update incoming 2.0.1

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Looking good

2.0.1 no browser crash any more for me :+1:

Yep, new versions working fine on 2 Pro and 2 Free

Yes, problem solved yesterday.

The problem making the mixers plugin not loading on mac is solved too(shoud be update in the library soon).

Some free modules are still offering the V1 features/algo. I’ll update this all on today and send it for adding to the library.

I hope to solve the PCM drums bug happening sometimes on mac today too. (I have tried so many times witheout sucess than it drives me a bit crazy :slight_smile: )

After it all, I plan to pass about one month on plugins perfecting and then I think these will be more than OK in about every aspect.


The problem was completely my fault, it took me about two hours to notice it and then fix it. VCV has been very fast for updating it in the libray, very very sorry for the inconvenience.


Stuff happens, life goes on. Thanks for the quick fix, all seems fine at this stage, no crash on browser open anymore and seem functional indeed. Win 10 here

all good on Mac OS