Copy / paste one or more modules from one patch to another?

Hi @Vortico ,

I was wondering if it 'd be feasible to envision a way to be able to copy / paste one or more modules from one patch to another, similarly to how you can do it in max/msp ? I often find myself trying out some ideas in a brand new patch, and then wanting to integrate those ideas into a larger patch, but then I struggle to recreate the exact same settings and wire connections…

So, considering the fact that vcv files are merely json files, do you think such a feature could even be implemented ? I’m not very proficient with nanovg, so there may be some limitations on that end when it comes to selecting the modules + cables.

Let me know your thoughts on this!


This used to work, have not tried it with 1.x.

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Try the STRIP module from @stoermelder to save and import parts of patches


@ananda.namaste.1 @PaulPiko thanks for the suggestions; I will try those :slight_smile: