Controlling knob incrementally with buttons

Hello everyone,

I want to control the ‘Braids’ sound selection knob with buttons on my midi controller as there are 64 patches on the plugin. I want to have two buttons which will go ‘up’ and ‘down’ rather than having a rotary control mapped with the selection knob.

I tried mapping the button to the knob but as the button goes from 0 to 127 the single button selects the first and then the last patch in braids.

I am new to vcv rack so not sure if there is a module that can help me do this? Please let me know

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hello maybe with stoermelder PILE module which can increment cv and MIDI-CAT / MIDI-STEP but not sure it works with button directly. hope it helps enjoy

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You can use meta mode with Braids to control the model with CV via the FM input.


Hi! There’s a module from Stoermelder that can do this. It’s called Pile, you just send one trigger for going up, and another for going down, and send this to the FM input of Braids while in META mode.

You can get the Stoermelder collection here - Let me know if you need any help with that :slight_smile:


You are genius Omri.

I did the following with your help and my little understanding of VCV so far.

Right-click on step knob and set the size to ‘0.2v’ otherwise the patches get skipped.

Thank you so much.

It’s my pleasure :slight_smile: Have a look in the right click menu of Braids, there’s the META mode which will allow you to change the modes via the FM input. Maybe it will work better for you than mapping the Edit knob.

yes it also works perfectly fine. I will learn more about the META and other modes now.

Have fun!

this is very nice and opens up a lot of options of what to do with all those buttons on an akai apc key 25 for instance :slight_smile:

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Hi Omri, How about if I want to do the opposite? Controlling the 2 buttons of Macro Oscillator with 2 knobs?

Plug the CV from the knob directly into the Model input ?

Might not be super precise, but works :slight_smile:

I’m not so sure I understand… Do you mean the Macro Oscillator 1 or 2?

Macro Oscillator 2

maybe something in this direction might help? - switching between values

So you want to control the algorithms with knobs? You can use the dedicated CV input, I guess it’s better than mapping the buttons with knobs…

I am actually controlling the module with external midi controller so I wanted to have those two buttons assigned to 2 knobs so I dont have to look at the screen. Wanted each knob to have 8 steps as the button cycles between 8 options.

Oh ok, now I see. Well, the buttons work with a trigger and not with continues voltage so whenever a signal goes above a certain value, probably 1 volt, it will move one mode forward, which means that you will have to turn the knob back and forth, above and below 1 volt, to move one step and it will not move continually.

You could generate a pulse train using an ADC and a manual knob like this:

This generates 8 pulses as the knob moves from fully CCW to fully CW but, and it’s pretty big but here, you will not be able to keep the knob and the selection on the MO in sync as it generates 7 pulses on the return journey and due to the forward only operation of the button, would put the final selection in the wrong position. The position of the knob would never be able to reflect the selection on the MO.

Hi I was able to control the selection via knob using this method but the first one keeps blinking.

Now first half of the knob controls the left button and right half controls the right button. I am fine with it but how to make the first selection stop from blinking ?

knob to button

You can’t. See it as a reference from where you start adding CV.