Confirm steps to update VCVRack PKGBUILD for Arch Linux?

As @baconpaul commented (buried inside a lengthy thread I’d recently started - see below), the VCV Rack PKGBUILD script for Arch should be fairly easy to update from stale version 2.2.3 to current version 2.3.0.

The script itself can be found here: PKGBUILD - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories

I did try to revise it myself in hopes of getting it to build 2.3.0, but so far I cannot get the script to successfully run. Then again, I’m not particularly experienced so perhaps it’s simply a PEBCAK issue.

QUESTION: Does updating/revising simply entail doing this?..

1 - change pkgver=2.2.3 to pkgver=2.3.0

2 - Freshen up each of the three SHA256SUM hash codes shown for:

  • vcvrack.desktop
  • vcvrack

… or is there anything else I’m missing when updating a PKGBUILD script (I’m obviously new at this).

If that’s all that’s involved, I’ll keep trying until I get it right. But otherwise, perhaps there’s another key step(s)?

Learning that this is a recurring issue for others using VCV Rack on Arch, too, I’m willing to update it and try to keep it up-to-date for others to avoid more folks having the same issues I experienced in that thread I’d started (below).

FYI, here’s that (lengthy) thread:

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I asked about this on Linux channel on surge discord and robbert responded

Yes they’d just update the version, run updpkgsums, and then build and install as usual with makepkg -sic. Or in this case since they’re presumably not a maintainer of the package and they’re not distributing the changes they can run makepkg -sic --skipchecksums instead.

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@baconpaul Excellent. Many thanks! … I’ll get to work shortly and report back when successful.

Once I confirm it works I’ll mark this as the solution and attempt to get the updated script replaced onto the current git link.

If replacement fails, I’ll create an original github link and we’ll take it from there. But I think we’d all prefer to avoid casting more confusion in the world with multiple scripts so that’d be a last resort.

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Well thank robbert :slight_smile: - I run macos!

But yes if it works update the in place is the way to go for sure.

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Well, I’ve now learned a bit about PKGBUILD’ing and related checksum refreshing.

The updated PKGBUILD script I produced has been confirmed to work perfectly (for me, using Arch Linux 6.3.6-zen) in creating VCVRack 2.3.0, installing desktop icon, and allowing all plugins to load (e.g., SurgeXT, VCV Foundations, etc.)

I’d like to offer it up to others to replace the stale package currently on git (link cited above).

Toward that end, I put in a request on the current git page where the current PKGBUILD is found, but have no control over next steps on that end.

As a stopgap, I also tried to attach my revised PKGBUILD script to this post, but it’s not an acceptable link for the forum (it’s a text file). If anyone needs it pronto, you can PM me here and I’ll arrange to email it to you directly.

If at some point we never hear back from the git, I can post the revised PKGBUILD on my own github page and then folks @ VCVRack can point to it as a solution for Arch users struggling to get SurgeXT, Foundation VCV modules to update properly and install 2.3.0.

FWIW, It’s all working perfectly for me at this point!

Thanks again for the guidance and chance to learn. :+1:

Great Robbert tells me there is a mechanism for a user to take over an abandoned package in arch land also. Maybe try and find that out and then you can just update it

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I’ll can certainly pursue that route at some point, but as a courtesy I would want the original PKGBUILD author to retain control if that’s his/her wish.


@baconpaul, et al…

UPDATE: The current maintainer did indeed just update the github PKGBUILD file to produce a bin-install of 2.3.0 for Arch VCVRack users. All’s well that ends well! :+1:

(Plus, I learned how to do it, if need be for the future.)