Compiling plugins for Linux using Windows

I successfully compiled my plugins for linux, just using Windows. The process is:

  1. install the Windows Linux Subsystem component from Windows’ Add/Remove features panel
  2. download ubuntu from the microsoft store
  3. apt upgrade and update
  4. apt install all the requirements listed in the VCV build page
  5. git clone the plugin to compile
  6. make

this subsystem has not a GUI front-end so the plugins cannot be tested, but they still compile fine.
the advantage is that there is no need to install virtual machines, dockers etc.


Maybe you want to configure an automatic build with Azure Pipelines. It is quite easy to configure and you get builds for Windows, Linux and Mac for every commit.


It looks like more is coming for strange Windows people…

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the best existing OS is getting even better :yum:

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Mmmh… winux or lindows? :smiley:

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