"Compile" old plugins

I have 2 plugins (Southpole). I can’t integrate these plugins into VCV Rack because they are old. Now I have heard that you can use these old plugins when you compile them. I myself have no idea how to do that. Maybe one of you knows a solution. I am using the latest version of VCV rack.

Here the two Plugins

Southpole parasites


And here the github from gbrandt1

Many thanks in advance. Luca…

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did you read this → Parasites in 2.4.1? ← thread?


Thank you, no, I haven’t read it yet. Hopefully good news.

Southpole ready to compile on your machine for Rack v2: https://github.com/flyingLowSounds/Southpole

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That’s good news. Unfortunately I can’t find anything on the link. Maybe wrong link? In any way thanks.

Lars has just sent me an email. He said that he has the build for macOS. Unfortunately I use win7. The question is if one of you can compile it for windows. Thanks in advance.

Done…Happy holidays!

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I believe I got my Southpole files from here. I never tried the Parasites version, another member said it would just disappear.

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There was a version for v2 posted by Steve in some other thread I cannot find at the mo which is more feature complete than the builds posted on the issue you posted. I have it running and it works fine (Parasites version)

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So there IS hope! :wink: thanks

found it:


LOL now that I have the hardware version :broccoli: love it btw