Community Forum Link - Please bring back and move to Main Nav.

@Vortico Not sure if this is exactly the right place but Noticed that the Forum link is now gone from the VCV Rack support page.

I just wanted to suggest that a link to the Community is placed on the VCV home page main navigation now that it has been removed from the Support page.

I think having the link depreciated to the footer is a mistake because new users will most likely miss it and to be honest what has kept me engaged in and using professionally VCV rack has been the access to the community. Just like MaxMsp without the community I think a lot of new users would get discouraged or not realize the crazy potential of the software.

Thanks for your time.


This happened about a year ago, but yes agreed.

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Really? For me it just disappeared a couple days ago, I visit the forum daily through that link and when it disappeared it took a sec for me to realize it was in the footer.

A year ago it moved from the nav bar to support. Community link missing from website navigation

Today it moved from Support to the Footer.

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It would save a lot of time tor it to be at the top, and would give new users more access to helpful info. It also may increase number of trash posts here but oh well.


Yes thanks for the clarification, I was accessing through the support page not the nav bar. Having it in the nav bar was before my time and always thought it was a bit weird being buried in the support page. Now that it is the footer I feel like it’s being depreciated to a point of non existence. Not sure if I would have bothered to look in the footer when started out my VCV journey and as someone who heads several brands digital marketing operations I can confidently say that footers are rarely seen / clicked on.

Not sure what the motivation is in sidelining the community because as I mentioned before I don’t think I would have stuck around if I didn’t get help here. ( Maybe that’s a good thing?)