Community component repo?

randomly there are requests for certain component svg’s and that got me to thinking maybe there could be a vcv community repo with alternative components to the grayscale library or component elements that arent in the grayscale library like recently voxglitch @clone45 requested waveform svg’s. devs could make a request here and members of the community would be able to make and submit the files to the repo or members could contribute components or component groups for use in future development projects. might be nice to have a component library with a bunch of different components in various styles for devs to browse.

im not a coder but i can do graphics so it could be a way for non coders to still contribute to development.


That’s a cool idea. I make a lot of modules, but I buy, borrow and re-use graphics when I can.

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I :heart: this idea!! I’ve been a web developer in the past, so if you need anything built I’d be happy to contribute some time, depending on the complexity. This seems like something that might make a good addition to the vcv rack website, such as :control_knobs:


I would be happy to contribute too I m not graphic designer but I can draw , I have this parts under CC-0, I used for a 3d timelapse and I will be happy id it is added to a repo, I can do more graphics under requested if needed


@Vortico what would be the best way to go about implementing a community repo like this?

@Squinky @clone45 @David nice to hear you guys like the idea.

i just got affinity designer for ios on my ipad pro and have been making components just to learn the app and see what it can do. pretty impressed with it so far. it seems to be the same as the desktop version and its pretty nice to use it with the apple pencil. its like having illustrator and a drawing tablet for a fraction of the price. i’d definitely get inspired to make more components if this community repo is created.

and @clone45. if you are interested in a new project. theres a decent chance i can get permission to use Scrotum Labs alternative Orgone Accumulator firmware which would be a great module to port over. i’ve already mocked up a panel. :nerd_face: the original Orgone Accumulator code is on github.

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Count me in. I’m available for panel design too.

Long time print designer here been wondering about doing this too. I can make SVG files in Illustrator and PNG files in PhotoShop. Sign me up.

Someone had the same idea.


I don’t have the time to maintain something like this, but if someone wants to do it, feel free.

My only request is that is should not have the trademark “VCV” in the title, to prevent confusion with the VCV Component Library. You can use the phrase “for VCV Rack” in the description and documentation though.


ok i’ll work on something.

btw- if anyone wants to help shoot me a message. im not quite sure what the best way to set up a suitable repo for this would be.

what do you think about github?

yes github was what i was thinking. im not that familiar with creating repo’s on github. do you know if its possible to create a repository where multiple people have access to it?

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It is, yes. You would have to grant access permissions to others, but it’s simple enough.

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You can, but the people you give access to have full access, so they can mistakenly delete everything, add wrong stuff, etc… But you can always recover from that, if it happens.


perhaps the only thing that you need to know is a bit of markdown but not mandatory to create the md file (this is the face of the repo)

then you must create the methodology and guidelines to upload, organize, licensing and display the components , and take care all the members follow the instructions

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That’s the hard part. You will be able to find someone here to set everything up for you. Maybe you will find and volunteer to make you a fake module with a bunch of your controls in it. But tending to it and keeping it sane and organized is a big job, and that’s up to you (and anyone else you can recruit to admin it with you).

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I cant offer myself as admin (at least not as “primary” admin but I can help sometimes as team member) because the time, but I offer myself to draw knobs like crazy.

here you can see a quick git guide , you will find it really simply

helps from devs will be very apreciated

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@Squinky @carbon14 @David ok, thanks for the input.

i think this is doable with 1 other admin maybe 2.

@David if you can help out that would be great.

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I don’t manage to have a lot of time at the moment. But I’m happy to help out if I can.

Maybe create Organization it would look like