Coirt - v1.2.0

Hey Rackheadz. I’m very pleased to announce updates to my modules.

TrimLFO is based on Fundamental LFO1 + LFO2 with built in offsets that allows you to trim the min/max values of the LFO without attenuation, keeping the original wave intact.

Features include: Displays for the LFO Frequency and Offsets. Offsets which could be patched to other devices. 2v Sine and Square waveforms clamped to their offset. Crossfade LFO wave output (top output). Finetune for the frequency. (find them if you can) Manual reset via “RST” label. Quick access buttons which set other parameters to their values on labels: “Sin”, “Saw”, “Tri”, “Sqr”, “Uni”, “Bi” And the usual LFO features also found in Fundamental.

QuadLogic is based upon Kinks/Utilities Logic section and expands it by 4.

1 Band is a dual mono parametric EQ with a listen switch that isolates the band being processed, you can also swap L/R channels. You can control dynamics with the gain mod positive values increase, negative decrease. The frequency mod (linear) controls the frequency but when connected also disables the knob (logarithmic) from controlling the frequency.

Poly Mix is a polyphonic mixer. Connect the poly from the output on VCV Merge or Poly X to the Audio In and the channels will be assigned to 4 fader channels you can gain access to channels 5-8 with the Ch. switch, 2 aux send/return and stereo pan. Aux are pre solo/post fader so it’s possible to solo an empty channel and get full wet effect. Invert channels at flick of a switch. Level and Pan poly inputs also included (for pan use bipolar signals)

Poly X is like VCV Merge with the exception of sending all 16 channels, You can mute a poly signal or send 1v to something. Different coloured lights indicate if the signal is polyfied(blue), mute(red) or passing a voltage(green). There was an issue with using Merge on Level/Pan inputs on Poly Mix. Disconnected channels for level would mute the previous channels if there was no signal connected, the mute buttons act as a fathom voltage to let the Poly Level input sit at the fader level.

Clamp is similar to what TrimLFO does except can be done with both Audio and CV. The clamp is applied to the output, Gain/Attenuvert is applied to the input. There is a few buttons that let you snap the knob position on the Attenuverter and you can link the offset knobs together to get an even ±voltage. There is also a button to pad a ±10v(0dB) to -0.1dB

EO Sum distributes Odd (1, 3, 5, 7… 15) and Even (2, 4, 6, 8… 16) poly channels to individual outputs with a level control for both.

I look forward to seeing what you can all do with these modules. Suggestions and feedback are very much welcome. If you have any issues or find any bugs please don’t hesitate to report through the issue tracker on the GitHub page.

If you would like to contribute to development by making a small donation you can do so through the plugin manager or in any of the plugins context menu’s, Thank you!


I’m looking forward to trying them out. Thanks for making them!

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the lfo is nice :+1:

I only wish it could be synced to bpm :wink:


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I actually have been thinking about adding a switch to the display for the relitive bpm value, down the line though still thinking about the best way to implement it.

FYI multiply the hz value on the display by 60 to get the bpm 2hz * 60 = 120bpm. Or you can divide a bpm value by 60 to get the relative hz value, dividing that value by 2 will always be in time with a clock.

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Were can we find the Mac files?

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Mac build uploaded as GitHub issue.

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Thanks guys!

If anybody spots any problems please let me know by creating a new issue on GitHub. Will be uploading a manifest for the plugin manager in a couple of days so if all goes well you should see the same version on there soon.

we need more tempo synced LFO’s
(reset is nice but ,tempo synced is nicer!)

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If all is well you should see v0.6.3 on the Plugin Manager soon. I will begin development on my next module after then. I will also give thought to synced BPM values.

Stay tuned…


Coirt v0.6.3 is now on the plugin manager! :smiley:

Please report any bugs or submit any feature request or questions on GitHub


A little teaser for the next update…




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Bump! Come on peeps! only 260 downloads in a week?

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Cheers for the support. Not too sure if that number is a live tracker!?


not sure how often the update, but I’m sure it’s often enough…

Iv’e been contemplating more spam on facebook. Been too busy working on the next module :grin:

It updates when a new commit is pushed to the library repo.

Thought that might be the case thanks for verifying!