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Switch the kbd input to Poly and you have a massive sounding Church Organ … especially playing chords. The 2 OCTs change the sound a bit like organ stops; 1st high 2nd low is different from 1st low 2nd high. Lots to explore here :slight_smile:

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MIDI playable “designed to be monophonic but can be polyphonic” AM patch with extra stereo filter phasing to clean out your ears if you’re wearing headphones.

Learning Amplitude Modulation Filter Phasing 1.vcv (13.7 KB)

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MIDI playable voice going “aaah” (or is it “arrrgh”?) with some formanty stuff to control as well, because I’m nice like that. Stumbled across this as I was studying the Audible Instruments Resonator (Mutable Instruments Rings), specifically using inputs other than noise. The patch is monophonic as I don’t know how to get Resonator working zonkophonically (is that the right word?). Enjoy!

Edit: Subtly affecting the Position parameter on the Resonator can help the sound as well. Also, added a second version where the formanty stuff is automatically modulated, which seems to help higher notes.

Voice Aaa.vcv (12.3 KB)

Voice Aaa Uluru.vcv (14.9 KB)

That is spooky how good that is.

Thank you so much for making all these patches. Bloody genius, especially like the ‘Voice Aaa Uluru’ , just been messing with that and just remembered why I love Chronoblob so much.

Cool stuff! Again, not directly related, but I have two filters that make vocal sounds, Formants and Growler. They don’t use resonators, but used tuned band pass filters instead.

Thank you @ScreenSlave, @ady34 and @Squinky.Labs. :slightly_smiling_face: I shall try them thar filters and see what fun ensues!

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Scary drone done as another experiment into using the IN port as a sound source in Resonator (Rings). A self-modulating Segment Generator affects a Macro Oscillator 2, a Resonator and a Chronoblob2. The reverb is pretty essential as well to this one. Play a low note and leave it to drone. Warning: May upset the cat.

Let’s Get Extra Physical.vcv (16.0 KB)

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Bloody hell, another wonderful, marvellous patch and so small-instant Bladerunner soundtrack music. Your ingenuity knows no bounds!!!

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And another IN port Resonator thing. A pizzikoto! Mono plucky thing.

Pizzikoto.vcv (10.0 KB)

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Thanks. That’s very kind. (Psst! The fiver’s in the post!)

Ok, so u haven’t got internet banking either-as Blackadder would said! Neither have I! Postie might acquire it anyway but the thought was there. Gonna try Pizzikoto out now, gonna be rich !!! Huzzah

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I shall put “Dear Postal Delivery Person, There is absolutely no money whatsoever inside this envelope. Nope. Nothing to see here. Move along.” on the envelope. Bound to get to you. :wink:

Well that should do it! All that writing will definitely put postie off! I await my remittance!

Just tried out Pizzikoto and it is another wonder from another dimension! Love the way you have created reverb without using reverb!! I may have broken the koto though, will I get charged for criminal damage?

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Box of revelation allows you to combine up to 7 filters in any combination. Resonators, modal, non/linear - all there

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If it was an artistic statement then, no. Otherwise, please fill out form W23 and await your summons. Koto damage is a national scourge!

Thanks. I didn’t know about that. (I’m quite timid in my choice of modules.) I shall give it a go!

Last one for today. Excitable Space Puppy. Very stupid but it made me laugh.

Based around the idea that you can turn a Macro Oscillator 2 (Plaits) into an LFO if you apply negative voltage to the V/OCT input.

Excitable Space Puppy.vcv (15.7 KB)

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Well it was down to artistic curiousity your honour, and as in the case of Scroggins and Sprout, it was all found to be a bag of wind, so I rest my case, your honourship! Hope that explains the legal side of things!?

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I shall have to consult my solicitors.