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Hi. I started a patch to learn how to use nysthi’s Etchasketchoscope and ended up with this little sound scape. (Named after a character in a recently read novel who scared the living lasagne out of me.)


Dude, that’s an awesome track!

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I really love the bells at 2:06 and 2:45.

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Thank you @Pineapple_Dave and @Ahornberg!

Another one. Improvised beat shoved through a bunch of delays acting as the worst reverb in the world modulated by all sorts of things. Edit: Cleaned up a bit and compressed in Bitwig with proper “room” reverb slightly added as it was too dry.

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Sounds like Agamemnon needs antacid tablets :poop: :rofl:

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Nice little early Depeche Mode mono bass synth style patch.

Ripple Synth Basse 1.vcv (13.4 KB)

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Alien space cat going meeoooooo.

Alien Space Cat.vcv (15.6 KB)

Old patch I had previously uploaded to Patchstorage but took down. Now putting back here. String ensemble patch based on the one in this book: Practical Synthesis for Electronic Music volume 1 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

MIDI Rolina Strings.vcv (11.2 KB)

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Another patch I had previously put up on Patchstorage but putting back here. A claxophone! Which is kind of a cross between a clarinet, a saxophone and a bassoon.

MIDI Claxophone.vcv (10.9 KB)

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I like this one as it has a small number of modules and can make all sorts of craziness by randomising the 8FO and Resonator modules and then tweaking / taming the results.

The Mutation Waltz.vcv (8.2 KB)

Birds, various.

The Random > LFO-1 > Bernoulli Gate > Caudal Store / Recall arrangement sets how “repeaty” the bird song is. Vary the LFO-1 frequency and the Bernoulli Gate probability for interesting variations. Mess around with the frequencies (in fact, most of the knobs) of the first two VCFs to get stuff from an annoyed robin to a caffeinated lyrebird. You’ll need the “premium” Vult Caudal for this one, but I think it’ll work with the free version.

Bird.vcv (9.8 KB)

Edit: Bonus Beats R2D2 Version: Bird R2D2 Version.vcv (9.8 KB)

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(Mostly done with Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator aka Braids.)

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I spent the evening taking samples of percussion made with Audible Instruments Resonator (aka Mutable Instruments Rings), sequencing them in Bitwig Studio and then putting the whole thing back through Rack using a Befaco Slew Limiter as an envelope tracker to affect a VCO which was affecting a bit crusher…

I liked how the bitcrushing made harsher trings that went along with the crings of the original percussion sounds.

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A four-note poly-para-phonic synth where the note triggers are sent round-robin to each of the four voices by a sequential switch and each note frequency modulates the next one along. Play it as a monophonic voice for best effect.

Sequential Switch To Switch Sounds.vcv (13.8 KB)

16 x sawtooth synth. Please be careful with the mixer and VCA levels or you might hurt your ears.

Ultrasaw.vcv (34.3 KB)

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Done mainly using Audible Instruments modules.

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Awesome, that sounds realy natural. I love it :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Hard to explain this one.

midi sequential switch synth 3.vcv (23.0 KB)

Imagine using a VCO to send a gate to a 1 to 4 sequential switch which then pings four ADSRs which receive inputs from four VCOs going into a mixer, and you can “shape” the ADSRs to get the cross fade between each pinged ADSR / VCO to be smooth or harsh.

That’s what this is. It’s the world’s worst monophonic waveshaper. But fun! I’ve used four VCV VCO-1’s here, but nothing to stop you using other oscillators / samplers, etc.

I’ve left notes in the patch, so hopefully you can understand what’s going on.

All stock plugins apart from Alright Devices Chronoblob2 (which you should have, yes? :smile_cat:).

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