Change user folder location

Is there a way to change the user folder location? By default it’s set to onedrive/documents, and its causing onedrive using 15% cpu.


Solved by starting rack in a shortcut via:

Rack.exe -u “user folder location”

I think there is some awful windows way to point “documents” somewhere else. But turning off one drive might be an easier way around it. But maybe this -u does it? Command Line Switches List

  1. Command line flag can point to a different directory.
  2. You can move your Documents directory to a different location. Here are instructions

I immediately do this because I run with my Windows system on a smaller SSD, so I move documents to another hard drive.

You can also move big directories out of c:\program files. Instructions here

Apparently you can’t move all of Program Files the way you can Documents, so maybe use a tool to see which directories are taking up the most space, like TreeSize