Can the way modules be moved be changed?

I don’t mind that I can grab a module and slide it in between two or more existing ones but it needs to be done with a modifier like Ctrl right click or something. Too many times I have accidently grabbed and moved one while only trying to adjust a parameter.

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You can switch off that behaviour with View / Smart Rearrangement. But once it’s switched off, I don’t think there’s a way to do anyway it via a modifier key.

Or lock the positions

Or use stoermelder and make a Macro “L” in my case to toggle the lock.


Work-around solution number 1. Anyone else?

OT: Cool – this is the first post where I see someone running my Imagine module. :+1:


maybe we can add to that? looks like a cool module and a good candidate for a vcp challenge!


Once Smart rearrangement is switched off, holding CTRL/Command and dragging a module in between two other modules pushes the other two modules aside to fit the module.


Yes this is what I have resorted to. Thanks.