Can a patch embed modules ?

Hi Just a beginner’s question. I have noticed that when I try patches from the internet, obviously very often modules are missing, and vcv displays a windows with the list of missing modules. Nice.

But from time to time the patch opens with modules that are not present in my library and are already present and functional.

Why do some modules have to be downloaded “manually” via the library and sometime they are magically included ? Is these modules embeded in the patches or are they downloaded on the fly?

No, there’s no mechanism that incorporates modules into the patch.

You might be seeing obsolete modules, which are actually in your library, but hidden from you because they are marked as deprecated.

You are right.

However I recently did my first fresh installation of VCV and I only download modules one at a time as needed so as not to get lost. Looking closer at the contents of my library on disk, it would seem that downloading a module from a collection actually loads all (?) the modules in that collection. In any case, this is the case for Nysthi and Vult, I have not checked everything. However they don’t appear in my library in rack, just the ones I downloaded. It’s a bit confusing. Anyway, Thanks for the quick reply.

Maybe this would be helpful for you: Missing Module Finder

Also you are correct that when you install just one module, VCV rack downloads the whole plugin. That is because the plugins are bundled together at the software level.

Wow ! Super Usefull. Thank you !

I’m not sure I exactly understand that part of the question, but (FWIW) if you subscribe to a plugin you get all the modules bundled in that plugin. Any time the developer adds a new module or updates an old module, you will be prompted (via the little red dot next to the “Library” menu item) to download the update(s). That’s the “Meal Deal”.

However, if you’re browsing the online VCV Library, see a module you like, and click the “+Add” button, you will get only that specific module (and any future updates of it), but it does not download all the other modules in the plugin it goes with. If that one module has been updated, you will also see the red dot prompt. That’s the “À la carte menu”.

Does that help?

:thinking: I don’t think so. I “Added” two of the five modules in the 3HR plugin, but the other three modules in the 3HR plugin are still absent in my library.

Oddly enough, the red Update prompt dot did not appear when I added or removed individual modules of the 3HR plugin.

I suspect it does download the whole plugin if just an unsubscribed module changes. VCV would have no idea whether it could avoid this in some circumstances. Or I’m missing something obvious…

The code for a whole plugin is compiled into one file so it has to download the whole plugin. The library view only shows the modules you’ve selected from the plugin. You can confirn this by going to the plugin folder for 3HR. In the res folder you will find the panel for all the modules, even those you don’t see in your library.


Yup. :open_mouth: They are indeed there. I guess that explains the absence of the red dot when I was adding/removing the module.

You learn something new every day. Too bad I also forget two old things every day.


Yes, i forgot that. As well as hiding deprecated modules, it also hides modules you’ve not subscribed to, if you haven’t subscribed to the whole plugin.