Buchla Modules from Nysthi - What are the top clones?

After dreaming about owning a real buchla or clone i wanted to dive in with the Nysthi Modules and build a basic system similar to what is on the Buchla site.

w so many modules to choose from is there a basic set of 20 or so that make up a typical Buchla system so i can get started. ?

love Omri’s Krell patch and his new Buchla style patch and that’s all i know so far. also what Buchla Hardware modules equate to specific Nysthi modules?

Adventure starting. (side note. is the make make noise company a euro rack buchla disciple?)

I thought is was mostly this one :

But I’m no expert.


I am not shure if you really can match a specific Nysthi to an Specific Buchla.

If you open the Plugin Library you can set filters … so f.e. if you want an Oscillator, choose NYSTHI above and then “Oscillator” on the second part.
This will show ALL Oscillators NYSHTI has. Simply choose the one that you prefer most. And in basic, all synths work the same … you need a sound scource, a modulator, a sequencer or keyboard-input, a filter/LPG/… envelopes … vca … thats it.

Maybe have a look at Omri’s Tutorial to build an Buchla Patch in VCV

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i have a bit of experience with buchla hardware and i can say the poly lpg is really nice and buchlaish. there are the buchla easel envelopes, lpg, random, pulsers. The adhrs is like a maths, buchla and serge and it has vcas, which is great and i really like that about the module.
The panning and swirl module is pretty similar to the 200e module.
there is no real 259 dual osc clone as yet but i make do with the easel v vsti which is pretty darn good and the dual vco is similar to the 259

sequencer wise there is the ; easel 5 step.
the xor spiralone is a buchla like sequencer in the style of the 250e buchla. There is also mutable stages and mutable marbles for random and i like those two in combo with the mi tides - makes a great buchla system for modulations.

259e Twisted Waveform Generator is take care of by the erica black wavetable which fantastic sounding.

Make noise stuff is pretty much found in the dbiz modules. And also, there are great make noise style delays to be found in alright devices chrono blog - this is a real deal freaking great module… and the make noise reverb by valley plateau.



Wow thanks for the excellent responses Peter, Alasdair, and orwell!

The Buchla world is so vast and complex. I love how the folks at the Source of Uncertainty podcast are combining efforts with the Podular Modcast and exploring the same overlaps you guys are talking about.

orwell, it sounds like you have some pretty good experience with the Buchla, I’ve read the control voltages can be a lot different for various reasons. I am curious if I will find that here in vcv.

quick aside -
having just got my first real modular skiff (and that includes a make noise function and a chronoblob) i’m figuring out fast how special that sound can be, and how challenging.

biggest surprise? I still find vcv rack just as fun as addicting as I did before getting the hardware! PS. Trent at Detroit Modular said I was his first vcv rack person, a customer who only learned modular from vcv rack and then from there decided to go hardware. so cool… and damn, $2500 later this stuff is not cheap! I thought I was crazy to buy every single vcv pay plugin, but that’s small compared to a Buchla setup, you are talking $20,000. so cool.

not a problem at all, happy to offer advice. its a pretty daunting world buchla and eurorack.

If you are looking for buchla stuff in eurorack id take a look at http://tokyo-tape-music-center.xyz/. Seems like the closest i have heard to the vco buchla sound, which is hard to achieve in euro and vcv rack. So analog vcos is where im going in euro and using vcv rack as modulators and effects.
I like the endorphins dual osc and the sputnik single osc - very buchla close. Verbos is pretty good with the harmonic osc and theres the dpo which is still a weird and buchla style osc.
honestly though you cant go wrong with mutable instrument stuff from VCV rack or hardware- once you get your head around it, its very very very buchla like and no surprise that mutable modules have been DIY converted over to euro format recently…
Rings and elements do the buchla plucked and bongo sound well and i just love tides and sheep, and stages for modulation and frames as mixer and lfo -and the new macro osc (plaits). Marbles is probably the best random ive used.
There’ss also the new company frap tools which is buchla oriented but im yet to try out there stuff -http://frap.tools/products/usta/.

let me know if you have any questions at all related to buchla or euro approximations. and have fun!


In the world of VSTs, Madrona Labs’ Aalto is a stunning, concise, patchable semi modular with a really interesting Vox polyphonic feature.

In the world of hardware, Pittsburgh Modular’s forthcoming Voltage Research Laboratory looks great. I signed on for the Kickstarter.

If you have Reaktor, this Buchla emulation is pretty good. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/reaktor-community/reaktor-user-library/entry/show/11077/. And Arturia has the Easel emulation which is good as well. https://www.arturia.com/products/buchla-easel-v/overview A bit pricey but black friday isn’t far off.

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This thread may be helpful.

I’d second the recommendation of Reaktor for Buchla emulation – Blocks Prime has 4 blocks in the West Coast collection which are all excellent: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/synths/blocks-primes/whats-included/

Somewhat of a side-track: I tried playing with Blocks Primes. Thought it might be a VCV Rack killer with its front-panel wiring and all. Didn’t like it. Too clunky. No existential crisis, yet.

EDIT: Clunky’s not the right word. Fiddly. I’s too fiddly. And the port names are hard to read if you’re half-blind like me.