Blamsoft XFX v1 Beta

Hey everyone,
The Blamsoft modules have been ported to v1. Please give them a try if you happen to be using v1. Report any bugs here or to Thanks for your help.

XFX Wave includes polyphony based on the V/Oct input. This should allow you to create a polyphonic synth. Similarly, XFX F-35 is polyphonic with respect to the filter frequency input. These are the standard polyphonic voice configurations that are typical in synths. Let me know if that doesn’t seem good for some reason.


That’s fantastic Blamsoft, thanks a bunch!


Bless you, I love the XFX Wave.


In Linux when selecting Blamsoft from vendor list at the left, 1st time i will be able to select a module.
When opening the plugin window again, the window will be frozen, and can not select anything in the window.


Please contact and we can talk about your specific configuration.

Hi, I figured it out.
It has nothing to do with your plugin or the others.
It is just a behaviour, that was not apparent to me.
Apparently when we click a plugin brand from the list, automaticly a search filter gets activated.
That filter remains activated even when we leave and return to the plugin window.
It then needs to be reset first before we can choose another brand from the list.

Should be polyphonic output same as inputs. V1 Odyssey has poly ‘patch points’ so a separate filter can replace stock filter. Poly on output of filter would allow users to add in (via split) other effects, etc. on each channel before going back into (via merge) Odyssey. The possibilities are endless.

The VCO should also be poly out, so , again via split, level of each voice can be independently controlled, such as bringing lead or bass voice’s volume up, or sending each voice to different effect.

Don @ STS

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I’m not sure what is different about the current behavior and what you’re mentioning. Did you give polyphony a try in the modules?

Yes… your outputs appear to be mono. When plugged into a poly in, they do not show a poly cable… Plugged into split they show 1 channel out, with 4 channels to input.

The build has been updated to 2. Can you download and give it a try?

get a 404 error going
to the dropbox

Sorry, I just put up build 3. Maybe that is up there now.

got it. will get back to you after dinner

just took a quick look at the filter, much better! sent a poly signal to it from the pre filter send on the Odyssey, , ‘split’ output into 4 separate channels, each going to a different Surge effect, and them ‘merging’ back into the filter in on the Oddysey… replaced the Oddy filter with the F-35, and 4 effects.



sent you an email…

thanks @Blamsoft!
Given the great sound design potential of XFX modules would be great to have polyphonic versions of all CV inputs on both Wave and Filter. And would be great to have polyphony for Reverb and Distortion to. A sound design dream :wink:


I understand what you mean, sounds cool. Sometimes you have to stop with typical features though, unless you have an infinite amount of time to spend on the project.

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Hi, do you have a build for latest dev V1 version?

Link at the top of the page is now b10