Blamsoft Modules

Starting today, Blamsoft modules are free. I’d like to personally thank everyone who paid for a Blamsoft module. You supported their development cost. Also, some of the proceeds went to VCV Rack. Enjoy using the modules, available here:

Happy New Year!


Will that mean you stop developing for Rack?

Thank you for the generous gift! I’m expecting to see a widespread use of your modules :wink:

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Thank you, Andrew!
I guess it also means that you will not develop for VCV anymore? That’s a shame… Your modules are quite unique…


well I hope we will be able to continue using them, even after rack 1.0. It’s excellent stuff (and it wasn’t too cheap, too)

Woah, that’s great news, I guess… Although, if it means you’re stopping development for Rack, then… not so great news :-/ I’ve really enjoyed the Wave so far, so hope you’re not stopping, and that they will be upgraded to 1.0 when it comes out.

And by the way: A happy new year to you as well Andrew. Hope you’ll have continued success, no matter what.

The modules will be updated to stay current with VCV Rack. Future plans for projects regarding VCV Rack are uncertain at this time.


Very kind of you! Thanks, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Thanks for your modules, was happy with your reverb, now time to discover the wave one. Hope you’ll find a way to continue later !

Thanks a lot, Andrew! I also love your VK-1 Viking Synthesizer VST. Excellent stuff! :+1:

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Quite generous of you, those are some very powerful modules… happy 2019 everyone!

Thank you Blamsoft and Andrew!!!

Thank you Andrew, a wonderful way to start the New Year! Have a good one All! …

(couldn’t help myself @Omri_Cohen :wink: )

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thank you :+1:

The Reverb and the Wave were the first two paid for modules I collected. Had many months of fun with them - now I’m off to play with the other two. Thanks!


Nice one Andrew, still hope to see more Blamsoft modules in the future! Thanks heaps though.

@Blamsoft So thanks for this. It’s been a while since I added them to my long list of “plugin to buy” and “devs to support”… but this one grows up much faster than I can ever uncheck it.
Apropos, no “donate” button in the Plugin Manager neither in your website?
Yes, I fear that it can be more often figurative than profitable, but you should definitely have one.
For now, thanks again and “Best” wishes for your 2019! …aehm, ok, this one was easy :slight_smile:

There’s a paypal pay-what-you-want link if you click through to the VK-1 Viking VST, at least (which is also worth exploring through VCV Host)

This is enormous goodwill. Thank you!

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@polygloss Yes, this is a little deviant, but nice idea. I’m going for that. It’s still the “end-of-year | extended | end of deals” time, no? So nice people, hurry up! (if you did not lose all your spare pennies during the holidays-moneydays, of course)

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Thanks for that.

Just tried the tube module, its awesome.