Blamsoft is back .. just great !

Hey there, yes I have tried everything according to the post about the endless Library Update on Mac M1.

But yesterday I did something else, I did ‘get info’ on the Bitwig application and checked the ‘run in Rosetta’ box. When this ran Bitwig in Rosetta, it indexed all the vst plug-ins again. After that was done, I unchecked the ‘Run in Rosetta’ box again and for now it seems to work.

Though I had a crash in Rack VST once yesterday using Blamsoft, I need further testing if it really works well in VST now. Let’s pray it does, as I have the exact same setup on my Macbook Air M1 and there it works flawlessly and I used an exact duplication of the Mac Mini M1 on the Air. Very frustrating.

Thanks for the help in any case.


I’m having this problem with Blamsoft modules on Linux (Ubuntu Studio). Anyone else? I have VCV Pro, I see the fix above, would this work on Linux?

All Blamsoft 2.0.0 plugins have been updated in-place on the VCV Library to fix a Mac loading issue.

Mac users who are unable to load these plugins can update using the Library menu to receive this update.

Anyone who has patched/modified the plugin package is advised to delete the plugins and update to receive the supported fix.


Very Nice , here I thought I was the only odd ball doing Industrial in VCV .

On M1 Macs, I’m getting a crash in Ableton every time I load a project containing Rack Pro VST that has the Blamsoft XFX Wave module in it. If I remove the Blamsoft module, it saves and reloads fine. If I add it back, save it and try to reload it, I get a crash. No issues using XFX Wave in normal (non-VST) Rack Pro.

I deleted and updated the Blamsoft plugins after Andrew’s post earlier this evening, but still having the issue.

Any suggestions? I love XFX Wave and was so fired up to see it available again in Rack 2, but can’t get it to work in Rack VST.

Specs: Rack Pro 2.1.2, Mac 12.5.1, Ableton 11 (Rosetta), 2022 Mac Studio and 2021 16" MacBook Pro.

Can you email with that report please?

Do I need to submit a report regarding the XFX Wave initialization volume overload issue under Windows? If so, I am confused as to what the procedure is for submitting bug reports for commercial plugins. Do they go to the author or to VCV? How do I know which? Thanks.

If in doubt, report to VCV - certainly for anything to do with commercial plugins/Rack Pro.

I think this is a problem with the Blamsoft modules (given that it happens on two different computers, others have reported it, and only happens with Blamsoft modules).

The VCV support page says “For third-party Rack plugins, contact the plugin developers…” – so I assumed it was inappropriate to submit to VCV support. Was I wrong?

I could have submitted this to Blamsoft, but thought I’d see if I could get any community-backed support first.

My confusion is the same as @Spunoza . The VCV Support page says:

For third-party Rack plugins, contact the plugin developers using their contact information on the VCV Library.

Is @Blamsoft not the plugin developer? In my case, the problem is with the Blamsoft plugin under Rack standalone. So, …

Sincerely confused.

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I agree the support page could be much clearer.

But in the past VCV have said that you can report any issues to do with commercial plugins or any issues that occur using Rack Pro (presumably including free plugins) to them - which makes sense seeing as you paid VCV for those products and part of what you pay for is support.

If you are using a free plugin in the free version of Rack, then best to contact the developer directly - at least that’s how I understand it - could be wrong!

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In this case we were already in contact with the developer. All good.


Yeah, Blamsoft is probably unusual in that it is closed source free software that is handled under the commercial procedures :thinking:


Following Vortico’s message, I did delete Blamsoft plugin folder, open VCV Pro and downloaded it again. No more issue with the browser when searching for XFX module.

Thanks a lot

(iMac intel)



Does this also work on Linux? Can’t get VCV to load the Blamsoft stuff at all still, even deleted the plugin files in ~/.Rack2. They now don’t even create new directories when redownloading the Blamsoft stuff.

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I actually paid for Blamsoft

Me too.

I am getting this annoying message every time I open VCV now:

Plugin seems to work and it seems to be installed, so not sure what the deal is.

There are 5 plugins installed: Wave Grunge Overdrive Tube Reverb

Haven’t used them in years, since I bought them. Are that all the modules that comes or did it not install something?

I removed the .vcvplugin file from plugin folder, atleast now it doesn’t show the error everytime I open VCV.

Now that you’ve removed the plugins, re-installing via the Library menu should update the plugins and remove this error. If it doesn’t can you please contact Blamsoft or

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I can’t remember if I did or not.