Black image when updating artwork - Illustrator

Hi all, Just started experimenting with module skins by editing an existing module in Illustrator.

All I’ve done is changed the color of a background polygon from white to light blue, just to test it out.

However, I’m just getting a black image with knobs on it…

I didn’t see anything specifically about this in the guide. Here are the available settings in Illustrator -

Anyone else using Illustrator for making the SVGs ?

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I recommend Inkscape, because it works with VCV.



just save as normal svg in inkscape, that should work

I have many modules in the library that I made with Illustrator. Many. Then I switched to Adobe XD.

To diagnose the issue, people would need to inspect the SVG and your module code. Share it somewhere or provide a link to your repo, and we can probably quickly determine what the issue is.

Possible issues:

  • Wrong path or wrong letter case in the path in the SVG loading code (this is usually the createPanel call).

  • ViewBox <> Height, Width. The View Box is ignored by nanoSVG, so the scaling it does that you see in other means of viewing the SVG won’t be applied, and often this moves everything off your panel.

  • Using SVG elements unsupported by nanoSVG. See SVG-limitations


Or - just make them in a single tool and don’t try to move SVG between different tools. If you make it all in one tool it’s simple. If you are an SVG expert like @pachde , then it’s also easy.

You can both inspect the SVG code and optimise it using this website, which may or may not expose the issue…

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Hi all… back to try again.

I was just practicing using a module I’ve downloaded here to try to figure out how it works… I know some vendors/creators don’t want people modifying their work.

Is there a module or set of modules it’s OK for us to modify, as far at the artwork goes? I’ll just recreate my steps from that. Don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, as the saying goes.

As long as you don’t re-distribute, no one will care. Also, as long as the license doesn’t prohibit it, you can do it. Library has other rules, but you aren’t going to re distribute.


Ok, thanks. Are the native VCV modules ok for practice? I didn’t see anything that stood out.

By native, do you mean the “core” modules, or the fundamentals? Either way I think you would be fine. I’ve certainly seen ppl do that. But I’m just me, and don’t know anything special about vcv, so don’t take my word for it. For sure don’t modify those and re distribute. Posting images is ok, I would think.

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Ok, here’s an easy one to test.

Orange stripes added become black. Work done in Illustrator only. (Can I upload the file so that the name doesn’t change?)


The right orange one i “touched” in Inkscape, and resaved.

And here I “touched” both :smiley:

And here is the svg


And there is also something wrong with the rings around the knobs, they should not be filled. And the wet / mix in not visible. I think AI is just too much trouble…

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Thanks! What do you mean by you “touched” it?

I guess I’ll have to try Inkscape… except:

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Selected it and moved the A slider a little to the left and back.

Too bad inkscape it does not work/can not be installed on your mac…

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It worked! Now, off to complain to Adobe…

[edit] No complaining needed :slight_smile: Just the right settings, at least for vector art.

AI is fine. first 20 modules I made used it. Using it to edit an SVG pane that comes from Inkscape sounds like it’s problematic.

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Ventura is the current versions of MacOS, isn’t it? it’s too bad the “official” tool for making SVG doesn’t support many platforms.

I am running inkscape 1.2 just fine on my Ventura Mac Mini M1, so that can’t be true…

I think you were probably saving the svg files “the right way”.

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