Bitwig 3 - The Grid

Any experience/thoughts with Bitwig 3 and The Grid!?

I beta tested it hard and threw up some patch ideas. Here’s an example.



I almost don’t know anything about Bitwig, but what you made sounds really nice !

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I just read about it in synth anatomy , look pretty nice

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well what’s about CPU consumption compared to VCV?
with a similar patch which one is more efficient?

it looks interesting, but as someone who hasn’t paid for bitwig (yet), i can’t get the beta…

It’s out of beta now.

CPU is way too high right now… just two polygrid patches can make my computer sluggish and I frequently run many instances of heavy plug-ins such as Cypher, Synclavier, Reaktor, Massive X, with tons of effects from Plugin Alliance, PSP, Eventide, etc… and never have any issues.

I would say CPU is almost on par with Softube Modular… which is to say not good.

Haven’t had any issues, but unlike you I keep things very simple and only use a minimal setup of modules.

somehow david’s post didn’t register… i shall try to get the demo and play with it

Just freestylin’


What IS very nice about it are two things:

  1. The auto cabling of modules, an incredible time saver
  2. The amount of visual feedback on how your signal is being processed. I think it would make a good teaching tool for synthesis concepts.

The modules are, however, very much at the ‘building block’ level; there is nothing of the sophistication of a typical EuroRack module and I doubt there ever will be. It will never be a VCV replacement or competitor.


Very true! Definitelly far from being a VCV killer or anything like that. Honestly I never think in those term any longer, the “always comparing stuff” mentality is the real culprit. :wink:


Another Grid…


Another grid… :wink:

I’ll upload more VCV stuff soon! No worries! :wink: Coexist is key!

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Look at the birds.


A little more playful perhaps…


For some reason i am not feeling it yet with bitwig’s grid, or at least not having the same excitement as i am having with vcv.
Why did they omit certain things to be called what they are in modular, for example: VCA.

Also i am kind of missing the idea working in values of voltages.
My first impressions are that it feels “kinda” clunky.

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Two more grids… I don’t know…



Second grid tune from last post is great!

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thank you sir! have you tried it?