Birbs And Water



DISCLAIMER!! I did not make this patch. I don’t remember where I found it, it was a more complex patch and it was replicating a storm with thunders, crickets, winds, rain and birds. I remember the author was not satisfied with the sound of birds so I dissected his patch and focused on the birds. I also remade the sound of water but apart that, THIS IS NOT MY PATCH, I just worked a little on it. If you recognize your patch and you want me to delete it, just drop me a message here or on YT and I will do.

Apart that, I think the sound of the birds is quite nice, with the right amount of randomness and repetitive patterns to sound as natural as possible. Of course I absolutely appreciate any correction, variation and whatnot.

I invite the original author to step forward, I’m sorry I don’t remember who you are… :pensive:


For some reasons, the comment on youtube were disabled. That wasn’t my intention and now they are enabled. Thanks to klaussualk from Patch Storage that let me know this thing! :wink:

I know of this nice birdsong patch

Don’t know if it is the same though…

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No hijacking intended, but if it’s birbs you like:


Hello there! No, it’s not the same but damn if it’s good!

No hijacking taken, don’t worry! (is it the right answer? I mean… It’s like “no offense intended” and you answer “no offense taken”, right? I must learn english better, I guess)

Yeah, those are “THE BIRD”!

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Well, now it only takes to discover who was that rackhead who made the original patch and take him or her here! :grin: