Bidoo DTroy/KoralFX Scorovnik: gate issue?

Hi. I’ve been having some issues with clocking the sequencers mentioned in the title. I use Clocked (Impromptu) as the main clock because it has all the basic and weird clock divisions I want. So far, so good. However: first I discovered that the bidoo sequencer dTroy’s gate hangs on the first pulse when starting clocked and it only resumes normal operation at the second pulse. After that it works fine. I tried all the different settings on clocked but to no avail. Second there’s a similar issue with KoralFX scorovnik sequencer. Here the gate goes totally wack when using any external clock. On the first run everything’s finebut after a stop reset and restart the gate just glues into one pulse for the duration of the sequence. Scorovnik works fine on its own, but not when synced to an external clock. The problem also seems related to starting/stopping the sequencer from the external clock. When merely syncing and using the sequencers start, stop and reset buttons there appears to be no problem.

As an aside: I’ve had no problems running Improptu’s own sequencers, nor the Count Modula Sequencers.

Anyone any knowledge to share about the above? It would be greatly appreciated.

Have a nice one.

Hi @jpvanrumste, welcome to the forum!

You say you’ve already played with all the different settings on Clocked, and can use other sequencers without issues, so maybe this won’t help…anyway, this topic is relatively non-intuitive and quite a few people need to figure it out, so here are some first tips:

make sure you’ve carefully read the Impromptu’s documentation. It includes an overview of the topic but also practical tips about how to configure clock generators and how to setup your patches. The following link points to the appropriate section:

This was also useful to me:

Have you searched the forum already? Maybe they don’t mention the 2 sequencers you named, but there are quite a few related discussions around. If not, please try with queries like “clock impromptu”, “clock reset start” etc.

Hi. Thnx for your reply. I have read the clocked manual and the information about the first step issue. That is not, I’m sorry to say, really relevant. That said, I solved the issue with the scorovnik sequencer; apparently one has to use the dedicated run and stop buttons for it to perform as intended. This sequencer is one of the few I’ve encountered so far with a dedicated stop button/function. Once I’d figured that out the sequencers behaviour became normal and the gate doesn’t hang anymore. In case you care to know the concrete solution, just ask. I’ll be happy to reply. The bidoo dTroy sequencer remains a problem. It’s a sequencer that doesn’t start on the first step, but on the second. On reset it selects the first step of the sequence and thus jumps to the second step on the first pulse. I haven’t had time to look into the hanging gate problem of this sequencer so far. I would like to ask about the Dual Five Steps module you mentioned. I can’t seem to locate it. The JW Patterns I found easily. One last note: I’ve tried not only Count Modula and Impromptu sequencers but also a few of theXOR sequencers, Klee and Renaldo, and none gave any issues. after all this I’d like to point out that VCV is an incredibly complex piece of software, given all the different modules. I do know the basics of modular synthesis as I used to own a 4 voice System 100M from Roland and I fooled around quite extensively with The MS series from Korg. Frankly, modular synthesis has come a long way since then; the involvement of digital components has revolutionized it. Still, the basics remain the same. But, yes, many modules are still a mystery to me and I’ve got a long way to go to figure it all out. So far Omri Cohens tutorials have been a great help. Anyway… Enjoy your day.

:+1: good to hear you managed to solve at least part of the problems - at this point I think you may be more experienced than I am.

The name is slightly different but I think this is the module mentioned by in the thread I linked to (I’ve never used it personally):

@bidoo developer is on this forum and may tell you more about the behaviour of the dTroy sequencer, but hasn’t been active recently.