Bezier oscillators

Created two oscillators based on a 4 segments, closed, Bezier-spline. One can be fully manipulated with lots of knobs, the other one morphs from one random generated spline to the next one. Nothing is optimized yet.

I’d be interested in comments, are these usefull? Should I add a scope?

Source and details at each module in its own directory for the moment.



Crying out for some background! Lovely design but the transparency on the panel just takes away from it, imo.


You’re right. Have to work on it anyway as I found that the font is not an open one. Also the knob rotation is not around the rotation point as set in inkscape but around the center of the bounding box.

Is it using addParam(createParamCentered)?

The font itself doesn’t need to be licensed for .ttf/.oft distribution. (One of the advantages of “baking” the font into a path in your vector editor.) I guess you just need to own the font, if it’s commercial.

Easy fix: Make the Inkscape page a larger square so that the center of the page is your desired rotation point.

I prefer to be on the safe side with fonts. Some of the ones distributed with Windows may be used for nothing else but on your own monitor and MS provides no licenses with them.

Had fixed the knob that way, 't was just the wrong assumption on my side.

Happy to beta test if you need it on Mac.

Yes please, I’ve only got Windows (& FreeBSD does rack run on that at all?)

Tried building and couldn’t get them to build separately. Any chance you can combine them?

Not sure about FreeBSD specifically but it should run on Linux as far as I’m aware.

Very cool i just saw the Austrian guys episode on Smarter every day 224 they have a software called OsciStudio also draws shapes like this. Finally! thanks for doing this ingo.

I’ll merge everything and make sure it builds here. Will take some time.

@jeff.check Thanks.


That was easier than I expected. All in one:

do you have a compiled win version to test?

For now at until I figure this git thing out


Normally the git repo would be 4rack and the plugin.json and everything else would be in that folder, not another folder deep. I found build errors and linked you to them on Github.

I’ll have a look at that tomorrow, thanks

repo should be the root directory alright. For instance cloning the repo would place it in Rack\plugins\4rack\Moaneschien\makefile when it should be just Rack\plugins\4rack\makefile The Library would fail to build also.

It will show as “Moaneschien” in rack because that is the slug / brand

Thanks Phil, it clarifies a bit. As said I’ll look into it tomorrow and I’m having a rough time with the git thing, being used to have every thing in its own directory and then just commit to Fossil. Guess I’ll have to be assimilated (despite resistance),



pretty cool. btw - our waveshaper (“Shaper”) uses two beziers when you switch to the “Asym” mode.