Bezier oscillators

Updated the code, if you would be so kind to try again,

Updated both oscillators with modes that result in more or less smooth wave forms.

win bin at

moaneschien = moonshine?

Twents -> English, yes. It’s my brewery. Always gettin’ late.

 I take a bottle of wine and I go drink it
 Among the flowers, we are always three
 Counting my shadow and my friend
 The shimmering moon
 Happily the moon knows nothing of drinking
 And my shadow is never thirsty, when I sing
 The moon listens to me in silence
 When I dance, my shadow dances too
 After all festivities the guests must depart
 This sadness I do not know
 When I go home, the moon goes with me
 And my shadow follows me
-- Vangelis
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Nedersaksisch onderonsje :slight_smile:

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