Beta version LowFatMilk - Psycho Visuals for VCV

Experience psychedelic and mesmerizing visuals by transforming music into equations that render into a limitless array of user-contributed visualizations.

LowFatMilk embeds projectM, an open-source project that reimplements the esteemed Winamp Milkdrop by Geiss in a more modern, cross-platform reusable library.

Its purpose in life is to read audio input and to produce mesmerizing visuals, detecting tempo, and rendering advanced equations into a limitless array of user-contributed visualizations.

LowFatMilk comes in two versions, an embedded widget and a seperate window version that can be dragged onto a seperate monitor…

You can download it from here:

Choose the right zip file for your platform. Unpack it and put the .vcvplugin file in your plugin folder.

If any issues, please go to my github and drop an issue: Issues · kockie69/RPJ · GitHub


I removed the earlier version I had been testing and installed this latest one, but I’m not seeing the LFM modules at all. If I go back and install the previous pre-release, the modules appear. On Windows 10 with Rack 2.1.1

Yep. Not seeing it at all. Did everything that i usually do and also even copied projectM.dll into the root of the vcv plugins and into the root folder of a plugin and just for fun to the homescreen, the desktop or whatever they call it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that i use Window 7? Not sure

Same here (win7)

same experience on windows 11

downloaded zip and extracted *.vcvplugin to c:\users\username\documents\rack2\plugins → restarted rack

checked creation of “C:\Users\jpn99\Documents\Rack2\plugins\RPJVisualizer” = OK

copied “C:\Users\jpn99\Documents\Rack2\plugins\RPJVisualizer\dep\lib\Windows\projectM.dll” to the rack binary dir “C:\Program Files\VCV\Rack2Free”

can’t find the plugin in VCV

this in the log

[1.003 info src/plugin.cpp:128 loadPlugin] Loading plugin from C:/Users/jpn99/Documents/Rack2/plugins/RPJVisualizer
[1.005 warn src/plugin.cpp:194 loadPlugin] Could not load plugin C:/Users/jpn99/Documents/Rack2/plugins/RPJVisualizer: Failed to load library C:/Users/jpn99/Documents/Rack2/plugins/RPJVisualizer/plugin.dll: code 126

On Windows code 126 is missing library (DLL)

What compiler did you use?

Here’s what Depends shows when the plugin.dll is loaded:

Is it based on ? GitHub - korfuri/Milkrack: Old Skool Winamp Milkrack visuals in your VCV Rack

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projectM.dll → glew32.dll Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 10.22.59

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I think you are right. I uploaded glew32.dll to the download folder. When I put it in my C:\Windows\System32 folder it worked for me on a windows station that gave me similar issue.

Let me know if this works for the Windows guys raising the issues above.

Do we see similar issues in Linux? It is of course all working on my machine, but I have complete dev environment installed. Any updates on this and any other findings are welcome.

Yup - Works.

got it from: Release GLEW 2.2.0 · nigels-com/glew · GitHub

extracted\glew-2.2.0\bin\Release\x64\glew32.dll to C:\Windows\System32\glew32.dll

edit: craches to desktop much though - nothing logged.

Great to here.

And credits to @diimdeep !

Does it crash when you add the module? Or does it crash after a while? And what OS and version are you on?


I only pressed “next” for 10-20 times didn’t take note of the exact amout - on Windows 11 - Rack Free 2.1.1

I will try some more and report.

Here’s running in rack 2.1.1 free, fresh build from git crash after running for a few minutes, and doing “next” some times

./Rack.exe -d
make: *** [Makefile:107: run] Segmentation fault

I basically know nothing about debugging:

$ make run &

$ ps
      PID    PPID    PGID     WINPID   TTY         UID    STIME COMMAND
     2134    2127    2127     103896  cons0     197609 12:12:44 /home/jpn99/github/Rack/Rack


(lldb) process attach --pid 103896
Process 103896 stopped
* thread #12, stop reason = Exception 0x80000003 encountered at address 0x7ffb37e87ac0
    frame #0: 0x00007ffb37e87ac1 ntdll.dll`DbgBreakPoint + 1
->  0x7ffb37e87ac1 <+1>: retq
    0x7ffb37e87ac2 <+2>: int3
    0x7ffb37e87ac3 <+3>: int3
    0x7ffb37e87ac4 <+4>: int3
Executable module set to "C:\msys64\home\jpn99\github\Rack\Rack.exe".
Architecture set to: x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.
(lldb) c
Process 103896 resuming

after some clicks on “NEXT” on “LowFatMilk”

Process 103896 stopped
* thread #9, stop reason = Exception 0xc0000005 encountered at address 0x16ab94ffbc0: Access violation reading location 0x00000000
    frame #0: 0x0000016ab94ffbc0
->  0x16ab94ffbc0: movl   (%rsi), %edi
    0x16ab94ffbc2: movl   0x4(%rsi), %ebp
    0x16ab94ffbc5: movl   %edi, (%rax)
    0x16ab94ffbc7: movl   %ebp, 0x4(%rax)

It works for me now: downloaded glew32 and extracted the bin/release/x64/glew32.dll in the root dir of vcv app(where the exe is located). testing now, so far no crashes (win7)

edit: it crashes when i press prev/next, but only if presets are locked-turn on “cycle trough presets” in the right click menu to unlock, then operate without crashes further testing coming soon

Mac version ? Or source code ? I can build on a Mac Mini M1 (arch64) if needed.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the offer, but this is not about just building. I can build for Mac. It is a bit more complex then a normal plugin.


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Is it possible for you to use the glew32.dll that I have provided? As always, I can’t reproduce what you are experiencing. So I want to make sure we are running the same version of the dll.

Is it possible for you to use the glew32.dll that I have provided? As always, I can’t reproduce what you are experiencing. So I want to make sure we are running the same version of the dll

Changing glew32.dll didn’t change hte behaviour - it crashes once in a while when changing preset.

I also see, that if I right-click and select “cycle through presets”, It doesn’t sometimes crash when changing preset with “next”.