Best free trigger sequencers and voices for 10-11 piece drum kit?

plugin.json is still v2.3.0 (?)

Yes. I never change the json version until I’m ready for it to be published in the library. It makes sure that anyone who has built it locally gets the library version when it becomes available.

OK, thanks

I built and shared the latest from CountModula here:

(will be valid for 30 days)


Thanks! That’s really cool Adam. I admire your plugin code base that is so amenable to re-use within multiple modules. Still, impressive how quickly you did this.

What is your estimate on when this version might be submitted to the library? I’m confident that I will adopt this module as the sequencer for my 10-11 piece drum kit plus accent track sequencer and be able to use just a single module rather than two 8x16s. For my own purposes, using the module before it is in the library is fine, but since my objective is also to share my patches based on free modules, I do need to have a plan for how to get from here to there.

With my current workflow, I can manually implement one of my ~90 Meander for Windows drum patches to my Rack patch in about 10 minutes. For now I am just using a single bar drum pattern without turnaround.

One last question, should I expect any major changes in your other modules in V2.4.0 ? I glanced through your GitHub repo and I do see a number of changes, additions and enhancements.

Thanks again!

Thanks Jens! I will definitely install this for Windows asap and use it personally until Adam submits V2.0.24 to the library.

Here it is working perfectly in my 11 piece drum kit plus accent track patch. I’m not using all 11 kit pieces in this particular example. Thanks again! :grinning:

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My plan for this is that as soon as the Count Modula 12x16 sequencer is in the library, I will publish a series of selection files with the entire 11 piece drum kit machine using free modules for specific drum patterns from my Meander for Windows days. As mentioned earlier, I have ~90 of these patterns, but I will pick the best of. Some will have famous drummer names on them as they are loosely based on the style of drummers from the past. Not all famous drummers are represented. And these were my interpretation only of those styles. Since I developed Meander from 1988-1998, these are quite dated, but still fun.

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Looking forward to those patterns.

You could publish midi files for all of them, to use with any of the midi players in rack - most make excellent 127 piece drum kit trigger seqencers too - if you can master the poly notes to triggers challenge. squinkyLabs 4X4 and Seq++ are fine examples, that I haven’t used enough ( I use ableton).

The available drum libraries, VST’s, Kontakts, Superior drummers often have midi export of the included drum patterns. I’m sure many will appreciate if you go that way, and construct a good “midi player to drums” patch.

Just a thought.

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That would be a full circle. Meander for Windows was all MIDI and used “General MIDI” internally for voices without requiring MIDI hardware. MfW was a MIDI file player and could save any of the internal formats to MIDI files. I will have to take a look at what is possible.

How would this approach differ from using CV->MIDI 12 channels from Rack?

Something like this, using loopbacks and midi>gate module(s) to trigger CV modules. No Velocity.

The MIDI>CV before HOST is not really needed here, but it’s nice to be able to change the input for the Kontakt library drums to an external midi device.

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Thanks. I should probably play with the Rack loopback capabilities, which I have not tried yet. And I should probably play with Seq++ MIDI file player. I have a lot of MIDI files I created back in Meander for Windows days. I think I have tried that, but I can’t remember the results.

I went off on a tangent this afternoon while porting Meander for Windows drum patterns to my new patch in Rack. I realized that the 11 piece plus accent drum kit sequence using the CW 12x16 sequencer can be set up to sequence the 12 semitones and create cool rhythmic ostinatos, particularly in various techno fast bass line style. I’ll talk more about this later, probably in a separate topic.

I have it working as proof of concept.

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Not sure when v2.4.0 will go out. I may add some more stuff to it first.

Only changes so far should be be the addition of the new module, changes to the common code to support it and slight layout changes to the output sections of 8x8 and 8x16 gate sequencers as a result of the common code change. No other functionality should have changed.

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Thanks Adam. I have not encountered any issues with the 12x16.

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Seq++ is not a MIDI file player. It’s a sequencer that has MIDI file import as an option, like most old fashioned sequencers. It also support the common clipboard format for notes that a few other modules implement: Demo/ at main · squinkylabs/Demo · GitHub


Yeah, I probably misunderstood what Jens was saying. I need to play with Seq++ to understand just what it could do in a drum sequencer context. Thanks.

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I’ve been playing with Seq++ and my old MIDI files today. Most of those old files are songs, but at least one is a drum sequence. Do you know of a drum player module in VCV that can take a channel 10 sequence of general MIDI drum notes and play them?

I’m not sure where I am going with this. Perhaps nowhere. Thanks

Not exactly. I have a module that will take that and derive triggers based on pitch from one poly input. The problems with it are:

  • only 8
  • the pitches are fixed, and somewhat arbitrary.
  • no support for velocity.

You could probably make something, of course… Those limitations are why it didn’t mention it before…

I guess you would know if Entrian had some feature for this…

Thanks. This is all poorly defined in my mind. All of my Meander for Windows drum sequencer sequences are done on channel 10 with general MIDI common drum instruments playing certain MIDI note numbers.

You are right that I need to look at the Entrian players to see if they can do what I am fuzzily imagining.