Best free trigger sequencers and voices for 10-11 piece drum kit?


And if you want to make it complicated pick docB HexSeqP or HexSeq. :nerd_face:



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Thanks, I will add trowaSoft multiSeq64 to my list. I had initially rejected it this morning when I was looking through all sequencers in the library, primarily because it is more difficult than some to see the beat and sub-beat divisions at a glance.

Thanks, I will take a closer look at this after I look at docB P16A that I already have on my list. I’m not sure I want to play with hexadecimal, if I am understanding the HexSeq modules.

I’d say trowaSoft or 11 of these:

If they are put right next to each other, they act as expanders, following the same clock and reset, but can have different lengths.


Thanks. I will add that to my list. I did not realize the Lomas Gate Sequencer can be wirelessly chained.

I have 14 sequencers on my list now!

My favorite at the moment is “Iverson” from StudioSixPlusOne (early test for Rack2)

I have it hooked up to two Novation Launchpad mkII’s. But it’s missing velocity, so I don’t use it that much. I prefer fingerdrumming on Ableton Push2 in Live, if at all.

The module doesn’t have a song-mode, but combines nicely with Stoermelder 8Face etc.


Thanks. I will probably wait until it is in the library.

Does my 8 x 16 Gate Sequencer not do what you’re after?

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It’s often my go-to for this task (and a few others) now.


I put your 8x16 on my list yesterday after tediously browsing all of the sequencers in the library. I use your sequential switches in most of my patches. So, I would say that yes your 8x16 will most likely do everything I want to do The current issue I see is that with the 8x16 I am limited to an accent track and 7 drum kit pieces. I’m having to back off of doing an 11 piece kit. I like the Entrian Drummer 10 tracks and the default mapping to the Entrian Acoustic Drums gives a very functional 10 piece kit and the Acoustic Drums voices sound very good.

Mostly, I was asking here what others have found most useful and effective for complex drum sequencing. I appreciate and thank everyone who has posted here.

I’m still working through how I might create a suite of presets based on my 90 drum patterns from Meander for Windows. And I need to consider, whatever I do, how can I distribute my patches and possibly my presets.

I may produce two approaches to this objective; one based on Entrian and one based on the most functional free module.

I’m a bit overwhelmed with the responses here. So many good ideas but each idea takes my about a day to fully explore. I’m getting faster at it.

As a further explanation of what I am doing, for example with a Meander 12 bar blues progression, I create two drum sequences. One sequence is played for bars 1-11 and the second sequence it the “turnaround” played in bar 12. There are a lot of ways to do this, but currently I use two sequencer instances for the two sequences and do some clock switching between the outputs of the two sequences so I do not have to duplicate a sequence for all of the bars in the progression.

I’m open to any ideas of how others have approached complex drum tracks.


Am I understanding this correctly? If I use the Entrian Acoustic Drums paid version for the drum voices, I cannot save the patch in a format that allows playback if the user does not own Acoustic Drums can I?

No. The drum sequencer (VCV Library - Entrian Drummer) has a free player your shared patches can use (VCV Library - Entrian Player: Drummer). The drum voices (VCV Library - Entrian Acoustic Drums) unfortunately do not.

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Here is a demo of what I am doing here. Note, you must have the paid Entrian Acoustic Drums module in order to load this patch. But you can listen to the SoundCloud link to hear the 3 minute demo. This is a 12 bar blues progression in Am with a drum turnaround phrase on bar 12.

Meander with Entrian Drummer and 10 piece Acoustic Drums Kit-1.vcv (13.2 KB)


Here is the same demo but using free drum modules and the free Count Modula 8x16 Sequencer.

CM Sequencer-Demo-1.vcv (14.0 KB)

Your 8x16 sequencer works beautifully for the drum kit sequencing, but I have to use two instances to get a 10 drum track and 1 accent track. If you ever make a 12x16, I would use it!

Or if anyone else knows of a free 12x16 trigger sequencer, please let me know.

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I just realized that the docB P16A is 16x14, so I will give that a test drive in this patch.

Oops, P16A is a matrix sequencer, not what I need.

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If you want to build it yourself, it’s in the v2.4.0 branch in github here:

Sorry, I cannot provide binaries.