Behringer 2600

Behringer is feeling excited. 4 hrs ago: The first 2600 synthesizers are now on their way:-) As you can see, every unit goes through a highly automated and stringent alignment and testing procedure - all based on cutting edge Audio Precision test equipment. We’re currently calculating the actual manufacturing cost. Unlike most competitors, we’re pricing the retail price of our products “bottom up”, which means we just add a small margin on top of the actual cost, instead of charging you what we believe you would be willing to pay for. This has been Uli’s philosophy for more than 30 years and this will never change. We’re confident that we can soon announce the price, which will be very exciting.

Thanks for all your patience and support. You guys are the best and the reason why we do what we do!

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Hello Behringer!

Please make a successor to the BCR2000, the same thing but flat, USB-powered and with better knobs. :slight_smile:

BARP is probably nice too though… :slight_smile:

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Is it actually called BARP? Because that would be hilarious. Maybe Panasonic should make an ARP?

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I own a pair of Behringer clones, and I can’t fault their quality some consider shoddy, but I find it hard to justify buying more of their products, when they have a long history of legal bullying against their critics, or also produced made a video (that some considered to employ antisemitic imagery) to mock a blogger who’s often critical of them.

I won’t fault someone who buys their stuff, but their low prices have a hidden cost I refuse to pay.


I’d also heard of the things you refer to shortly after i came across this post:

It doesn’t bother me if their stuff is built to be cheaper than others, but their behaviour doesn’t sit well with me. Being competitive doesn’t mean being unethical.


the (B)ARP is just what forum posters describe it. Like em or no, they sell . People are going to buy em none the less.

Behringer announced today that their ARP 2600 knockoff will available soon for $599 USD.

the Behringer 2600 can finally be pre-ordered from Thomann

Yeah after that video I swore to never buy anything from them. Otherwise I might very well buy this Arp clone. If they had had any sort of sincere apology I might have reconsidered, but the more I looked at their response and their history of response to criticism the less I wanted anything to do with them.


could someone please link that video? I’m not a (kind of) internet surfer anymore and I am not on social network…but I’m interested in this :broccoli:

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Another important piece of context I think is that Behringer trademarked the name Kirn as well (see for more details), which is a level of personal attack that I find completely unexcusable.


not funny.

thank you guys