Behringer 2600

Whether it was anti-semitic or not is just one of many issues with what they did. When a big company trademarks your name, that’s a serious personal attack; its really intimidating - try to imagine if a big company came after you personally like that.

If a person, or company, does something sufficiently evil I don’t need to see a pattern in order respond. In Behringer’s case, they already crossed that line for me. That said, I think you can indeed find some patterns of poor behavior on their part in addition to that one episode.


Maybe, Personally made me think it was less an attack from a corporate entity more just Uli Behringer himself making a bad retaliatory joke. I think the company earns some of the flak, but there are a lot of people pissed off that they can’t just fix the prices higher like the good old days.

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I don’t think what you just said even begins to make sense - this was not some small effort by just Uli, it was his company. But I am not going to argue about it further.

Some people really want cheap stuff :smile:

That’s low :frowning:

this keystep clone…I really thought it was a joke…

btw I hope they clone ProTools and sell me the Full Licence for 5$ (mom said I can’t spend more than 5$ for a daw) :broccoli:


it seems so :upside_down_face: