Before I Click Buy... (Abelton Live Lite and VCV Rack 2.0 Connectivity)

Hey guys,

I guess I’m looking for reassurance from other users related to connectivity between Abelton Live Lite and VCV 2.0 specifically. Basically I’d like to know how to set my expectations here.

The problem with looking this topic up in past comments and or youtube videos etc is how results are returned for the (outdated?) “V 0.6.2c Bridge” that would seem has been replaced by a VST that is unlocked when you purchase the pro version on VCV Rack 2.0

  • Can I get confirmation that currently vcv 2.0 pro provides complete integration with Abelton? (February ,9, 2022) and that the VST works lol

clock/Tempo synchronization. As discussed in previous postings and covered by some youtube videos, folks will advise to use audio signals instead of the midi clock output of the Midi CV module. Basically we need a constant linear voltage to control tempo in VCV while Abelton uses pulses. Seems there’s several ways to deal with this aspect of synchronization but the most common is to use audio signals, correct?

With the current free version of VCV, you can send and receive Midi to Ableton using virtual internal midi ( like Loopbe1) with the Midi CV and Midi Gate fundamental modules. However Audio would require that Bridge correct?

The goal would be to have Abelton do the recording of midi tracks and applying effects while vcv acts as the instruments. Kind of like how Reason makes a Midi device inside the rack that can be recorded and adjusted later.

The reverse could also be done, using VCV to host and play instruments from Ableton, but that’s not what I’m looking to do for recording. Seems more appropriate for a live performance though.

Anyways, let me know thanks